• Part 1: How to Change GPS Location to Anywhere in the World

    With the help of AWZ AnyPorter, you can flexibly spoof your location on your phone for the purpose of security and recreation. Read the following steps to learn how to change your GPS location with this app. 

    Step 1: Launch AWZ AnyPorter

    Start this location spoofer on your phone and press Get Started.

    Step 2: Connect to Your Computer

    Connect your phone to the computer via USB cable. Unlock your phone and click Trust on your device to continue.

    Step 3: Select a New Destination

    After the map is loaded, your current location will be displayed on the main screen and you are in Flight Mode by default, which means you can change your location by selecting a new spot. Pinpoint any place you like on the map or enter an address or coordinates in the search box in the top-left corner. Hit the Go button.

    Step 4: Change the GPS location in 1 click

    A sidebar will pop up to show detailed information about your current location and destination. Tap Move in the sidebar.

    Then your GPS location on your phone is successfully changed. All your location-based applications will remember the faked GPS location as well!

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  • Part 2: How to Simulate GPS Movement with Single-Stop Mode

    AWZ AnyPorter provides a service to simulate natural movement along a route between two fixed positions.

    Step 1: Select Single-Stop Mode

    Go to Single-Stop Mode in the top-right corner (the second icon) and a sidebar will be displayed.

    Step 2: Set your starting and endpoints

    The starting point is your current location by default. You can also pinpoint two new positions or enter the addresses or coordinates in the sidebar. In addition, you can also customize the moving speed, the number of times for the movement, and moving methods.

    Step 3: Start Your Virtual Journey

    Click Move when everything is set up. Your position will move along the automatically generated path. Once the movement finishes, a prompt is Completed! will pop up.

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  • Part 3: How to Simulate GPS Movement with Multi-Stop Mode

    If you want to generate a path with multiple spots, then the multi-stop mode of the AWZ AnyPorter is a good choice.

    Step 1: Select Multi-Stop Mode

    Choose Multi-Stop Mode in the upper right corner (the first icon from the left).

    Step 2: Customize Your Multi-Stop Route

    In the Multi-Stop Route window, enter addresses or coordinates to locate the spots. Or you can directly choose the places by dragging and clicking the map. If needed, customize a preferable route and go ahead. 

    Step 3: Start to Move

    Click Move and your spot will start moving along the generated path. You can press the Pause button at any time you want to stop.

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