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How to Play Pokemon on iPhone [3 Solutions You Need]

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on April 11, 2023
The final episode of the Pokemon anime starring Ash and Pikachu reminds many players of the memory when playing classic Pokemon games featuring the two protagonists. However, since Game Boy is no longer available, it is tricky to play those games again. No worries; where there's a will, there's a way. Some gimmicks provide easy methods for how to play Pokemon on iPhone without owning a Game Boy.

To play Pokemon games on iPhone, especially those classic ones, a Pokemon emulator for iPhone is the key. AWZware elaborates on how to play Pokemon on iPhone with three practical methods. Let’s explore those tips together!

How to Play Pokemon on iPhone with a Pokemon Emulator

A Pokemon emulator for iOS is a glitch designed for playing Pokemon games on iPhone. It allows you to run games that are no longer supported by outdated game consoles like Game Boy, GBA, and DS.

Emuland is a smart Pokemon emulator for iPhone users. It is compatible with almost all iOS systems from iOS 6 to iOS 16. It enables you to play Pokemon Red, Pokemon Emerald, and others on iPhone seamlessly. You can just download Pokemon ROMs on an iPhone and start the game in this iOS emulator.

Read on to see how to play Pokemon on iPhone with Emuland:

Step 1: Go to its website and select iOS. Tap BROWSE below Nintendo and choose the corresponding platform to play Pokemon games on your iOS device. (Take GBA as an example);
How to play Pokemon on iPhone with Pokemon emulator for iPhone
Step 2: Click GET next to GBA Player and tap on GET. Then close the pop-up window and hit the share icon and press Add to Home Screen to add the Pokemon emulator to your home screen;
How to play Pokemon on iPhone with Pokemon emulator for iPhone 1
Step 3: Locate your Pokemon file and tap on it to unzip the file. Then a file with the .gba file extension will be presented;

Step 4: Open the emulator and hit Choose File to add the Pokemon game to your iPhone;

Step 5: When the game is successfully loaded, tap on the screen and choose the buttons to play Pokemon games on iPhones.

How to Play Pokemon on iPhone Using a Browser

Players who don’t want to download a third-party app can use Safari or any web browser to play Pokemon games on iPhones and even computers. Play Emulator is an online Pokemon emulator for iPhone. It offers ROMs of Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Red, and many other Pokemon games to let you play Pokemon on your iPhone online. Even though you don’t have the game copy, you can quickly get access to those Pokemon games.

Here is how to play Pokemon on iPhone using a browser:

Step 1: Visit the website and select the emulator you like;

Step 2: Choose the Pokemon game you want to play on your iPhone;
How to play Pokemon on iPhone using a browser
Step 3: Scroll down and hit Play Emulator and select the corresponding game;
How to play Pokemon on iPhone using a browser 1
Step 4: Tap Play Emulator Online and click on the RUN GAME button.

Then change your phone from vertical to horizontal, and you can play Pokemon games on your iPhone easily. Besides, it allows you to download Pokemon games on your iPhone or computer for further use.

How to play Pokemon on iPhone using a browser 2

How to Play Pokemon on iPhone with a Mobile App

Of course, you can play Pokemon games on iPhone without utilizing a Pokemon emulator for iPhone. The developer has delivered several Pokemon games accessible on App Store, including Pokemon GO, Pokemon Unite, Pokemon Café Remix, and so on. You can straightforwardly download these Pokemon games from your App Store. It is the most legal method for how to play Pokemon on iPhone.

These apps are free Pokemon games covering different categories from AR RPGs to strategic team battle games, and from puzzles to simulation. You will find an interesting one from your App Store to enjoy the game. No more iOS Pokemon emulators are required.

How to play Pokemon on iPhone with a mobile app

How Can You Get Pokemon ROMs

Based on the discussion above, ROMs are essential in speaking of how to play Pokemon on iPhones using iOS Pokemon emulators. So here comes the question: where can you get ROMs? If you own a classic Pokemon game physically, you can make a backup copy of it and get ROMs. Alternatively, search via the browser, it will suggest you several safe websites to download ROMs. Then you are ready to play Pokemon games on your iPhone.

Bonus Solution: How to Spoof Pokemon GO on iPhone

Pokemon GO has become the top seed for players who don’t want to play Pokemon on iPhones with a Pokemon emulator. Yet, collecting rare Pokemon might be hard when you live far away from the Pokestop or the spawn points. In this case, a location spoofer like AWZ AnyPorter can help you move your in-game location to the best Pokemon coordinates.

AWZ AnyPorter excels in changing GPS locations on your phone to anywhere in the world. This change syncs with many popular location-based games such as Pokemon GO, Ingress Prime, and Jurassic World Alive. The reliable tool has an in-built Pokemon GO cooldown timer that prevents you from being banned by the developer.

Major features:

  • One click to spoof your location in Pokemon GO;
  • Auto-walk in AR games without physically moving;
  • Save changed Pokemon locations for future use.

Free Download

Let’s take you through a complete guide on how to play Pokemon on iPhone in this program:

Step 1: Download and launch this Pokemon GO spoofing app on the PC. Connect your phone to the computer via a USB cable;
How to play Pokemon on iPhone with AWZ AnyPorter
Step 2: Unlock your phone and grant permission to this connection. Tap Get Started and choose Next when your device’s name is displayed and selected;

Step 3: When the map is presented on your screen, enter the coordinates in the top search bar and hit the arrow icon. Alternatively, you can zoom in and click on the map to pick a preferred destination;
How to play Pokemon on iPhone with AWZ AnyPorter 1
Step 4: Finally, press the Move tab to change your in-game location.
How to play Pokemon on iPhone with AWZ AnyPorter 2
When playing this Pokemon game on iPhone with the little gimmick, you can click the hourglass icon in Flight Mode to activate the cooldown timer. It can inform you how much time is left before your next teleporting, which saves you the trouble of getting soft-banned.


In a nutshell, there are three major methods concerning the question of how to play Pokemon on iPhone: taking advantage of a Pokemon emulator for iPhone, using a browser emulator, and downloading a mobile Pokemon app. If you want to replay classic Pokemon games on iPhones, a Pokemon emulator for iOS devices is the solution. If you like to try new free Pokemon games for iPhone without going through those hassles, a mobile app is right for you.

Lastly, leveraging a location spoofer like AWZ AnyPorter lets you effortlessly catch rare Pokemon in other cities and help you hatch Pokemon eggs without walking.

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