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How to Leave a Life360 Circle | Stop Sharing Your Location Secretly

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on May 6, 2023
Life360 is a valuable family security service provider that helps the 'members' track each others' device's locations with GPS tracking and alerts. However, constant monitoring and alerts can frustrate you or your kids, making them think about how to leave a Life360 Circle.

In this guide, AWZware explores the scenarios where one can find himself in situations thinking about how to leave a Life360 Circle and explains easy methods to leave the group instantly without anyone knowing. Keep reading for insightful information.

Why People Want to Leave a Life360 Circle

Before learning how to leave a Circle on Life360, there can be reasons or scenarios that prove the Life360 app to be more harmful than contributing to help in any way. Check these reasons why one can make up his mind to delete a Circle on Life360 created by himself or others.

  • Damaging the child-parent dynamics when parents constantly monitor their teens, harming their child's development;
  • Exposing location privacy, making it visible to every member of your Circle;
  • You may continuously feel occupied because of constant monitoring hampering the growth in your work/studies;
  • Violation of mutual trust among parents and children fostering negative impact on the relationship.

How to Leave a Life360 Circle Created by Others

Constant monitoring and privacy issues may force you to leave a Life360 group. If you are only a member, not a creator, it is pretty easy to leave a Circle on Life360.

Check how to leave a Life360 Circle your friends or others created right below.

Step 1: Select the Circle Switcher bar and choose the Circle you want to leave;
How to leave a Life360 Circle created by others
Step 2: Click Settings in the upper left corner of the Life360 app;

Step 3: Hit the Circle Management;

Step 4: Click Leave Circle and Tap Yes to leave a Circle on Life360.

How to leave a Life360 Circle created by others 1

How to Leave a Life360 Circle Created by Yourself

It is simple to leave a Life360 Circle created by others. But if you are planning to leave one and you are the Admin, then before you leave the Life360 group, it is necessary to assign a new Admin. Otherwise, you are not allowed to delete the group on Life360.

How to Assign a New Admin on Life360

Before learning how to leave a Life360 Circle created by yourself, let’s first check out how to assign a new admin:

Step 1: Open the Life360 app and click the Circle Switcher bar at the top. Select your Circle (the one you created);

Step 2: Click Settings (the gear icon) in the top left corner of the app;

Step 3: Look for Circle Management and click it;

Step 4: Select Change Admin Status;

How to leave a Life360 Circle created by yourself

Step 5: Select a member to grant them the Admin position.

After assigning the new Admin, you can remove your Admin status on the same page.

How to Leave Life360 Circle after Assigning a New Admin

Once you have assigned a new admin, you can proceed with the steps on how to leave a Life360 Circle. Go through the steps below.

Step 1: Launch the Life360 app on your iOS or Android phone and log in if required;

Step 2: Click the Circle Switcher at the screen's top and select the Circle you want to leave; 

Step 3: Tap the Settings menu (or the gear icon) at the upper left corner;

Step 4: Find and click Circle Management. Then select Leave Circle at the bottom of the screen;

Step 5: Click Yes to leave a group on Life360.

How to Delete a Circle on Life360

Besides the way of how to leave a Life360 Circle, if you opt to delete your Circle on Life360, ensure to remove all the Circle members first (if you are the Admin) and do not assign a new Admin. Check the process on how to delete a Circle on Life360 below.

Step 1: Open and launch the Life360 app and select the Circle you want to delete;

Step 2: Click the Settings menu (gear icon).

Step 3: Select Circle Management and choose Delete Circle Members, then remove each Circle member.
How to delete a Life360 Circle
Step 4: Return to the Circle Management menu after removing all the members.

Step 5: Scroll down and click Leave Circle. Tap Yes to confirm your action.

The group will automatically be deleted on Life360 once you leave the Circle. However, if you are not the Admin, ask the members to leave on their own.

Have you ever wondered if I leave a Circle on Life360 will they know? Well, everyone gets notified of your acts once you leave the Life Circle. But we understand that at times situations arise, forcing you to leave the Circle and, as a result, let everyone know of your action.

But wouldn't it be a blessing if you had the opportunity of leaving your Circle without anyone knowing? Probably, AWZ AnyPorter can help you in this regard and prove a safe bet to proceed further in your thoughts. So let's explore how to leave a Life360 Circle without anyone knowing.

How to Leave a Life360 Circle Without Anyone Knowing

AWZ AnyPorter is a mock location app that can teleport a user's location on any iOS device to anywhere in the world, and no jailbreaking is needed. It helps you leave a Circle on Life360 secretly by mocking your location in the app. You can spoof your location on Life360 to your preferred area/spot anywhere without anyone knowing in a few clicks and even simulate natural movements along auto-generated routes.

AnyPorter Features

● Fakes locations on all the geo-based services and apps in a single click;
● Teleports to a new place instantly;
● It supports saving your favorite routes for better management;
● Supports all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, including iOS 16.

Free Download

Look at how to leave a Life360 Circle without anyone knowing with this iPhone location spoofer.

Step 1: Connect to your PC

How to leave a Life360 Circle without anyone knowing

Download and launch the location spoofer on your phone and tap Get Started. Connect your phone (device) with a USB cable to the PC. Unlock your phone and tap Trust (on your phone) to continue.

Step 2: Select a new destination

How to leave a Life360 Circle without anyone knowing 1

Once the map loads, your current location will display on the main interface, and you are in Flight Mode by default, allowing you to change your location by selecting a new place.

Pinpoint any desired place on the map or enter an address/GPS coordinate in the Search box at the upper left corner. Click the Go button.

Step 3: Spoof your GPS location

How to leave a Life360 Circle without anyone knowing 2

A sidebar will appear with detailed info on your current location and destination. Click Move in the sidebar, and your GPS location will change successfully. Then, you can leave a Life360 group without notifying anyone.

To Sum Up

Life360 is indeed a great solution to share locations, driving habits, and frequently visited places through texts and notifications, enabling all Circle members to keep track of others' locations. But when it gets frustrating, you are compelled to think about how to leave a Life360 Circle.

We have already provided you with the official ways on how to leave a Circle on Life360, but that won't bless you from others knowing of your action. Instead, you can use AnyPorter to change your GPS location and travel freely without the stress of privacy issues. Try it today to spoof your location anywhere across the globe.

Free Download

Common FAQ about

Q:Does Life360 Tell People When You Leave a Circle?

So does Life360 notify you when you leave a Circle? Yes. Every Circle member gets notified when anyone logs out as their icon disappears. So, unfortunately, there's no official way to leave a Life360 circle without anyone knowing. Moreover, if you leave the Circle or turn your location services off, Life360 will send more notifications.

Q:If I Leave a Circle on Life360 Can They Still See My Location?

When you log out of the Life360 app, your icon disappears from the app. So all the other Circle members get a location paused notification.



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