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How to Get a Pokemon GO Joystick without Rooting

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on March 24, 2023
A joystick for Pokemon GO could be convenient for manually exploring the game world and finding Pokemon while staying at home. However, that is not a supported feature in the game. To add a Pokemon GO joystick for iOS or Android devices, you need a little gimmick to help you move around by controlling the avatar.

How can you find a useful Pokemon GO hack with a joystick to spoof the game effortlessly? This guide has got you covered. We list 4 methods to let you get a Pokemon GO joystick for both iOS and Android phones, including using a proficient location-spoofing hack with a joystick – AWZ AnyPorter.

What Is a Pokemon GO Joystick

A Pokemon GO joystick refers to a feature that lets you manually control your character's movement in the game. It saves you the trouble of physically moving around to find Pokemon, Pokestops, or Gyms nearby.

A useful joystick for Pokemon GO can let you seamlessly move to anywhere without being caught cheating. Let’s check how to get such a good Pokemon GO hack with a joystick.

How to Get a Pokemon GO Joystick for iOS

AWZ AnyPorter

Developed by AWZware, AWZ AnyPorter is a reliable desktop location changer packed with a joystick for Pokemon GO. This little trick is optimal for flexibly changing your avatar’s direction and moving route. The innate Pokemon GO joystick for iOS enables you to manually explore every corner of the world in the game.

Major features:

• Safe Pokemon GO joystick hack with no rooting;
• Move to good Pokemon GO coordinates to raid;
• Spoof Pokemon GO without being banned;
• Compatible with all recent iOS devices, iOS 16 included.

Free Download

Here is how to get a joystick in Pokemon GO with AWZ AnyPorter:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to this Pokemon GO hack with a Joystick
Pokemon GO joystick AWZ AnyPorter
Click the download button below to download and install this app on your computer. Launch it and connect your iOS device to the joystick app for Pokemon GO via USB. Tap “Get Started” and complete the connection on your phone.

Free Download

Step 2: Enable Virtual Joystick Mode

Click on the second icon in the top right corner to activate “Virtual Joystick Mode”. After the selection, a Pokemon GO joystick is added on the bottom left, together with a shift lever to customize the moving speed.

Pokemon GO joystick AWZ AnyPorter

Step 3: Use the joystick in Pokemon GO to start your journey

Drag the ball at the outer ring to adjust your direction. Then hit the tab on the center of the ring to auto-walk in Pokemon GO. Instead, the joystick for Pokemon GO supports pressing the WASD keys to change your direction and move in.

This Pokemon GO joystick for iOS lets you change 360-degree direction as you like. You can adjust the walking speed by dragging the slider on the bottom to simulate natural walking. Generally, when playing Pokemon GO with the joystick, it is recommended to make the moving speed below 10.5 KM/H otherwise you may get a Speed Limit Warning.


Another valuable mock GPS location app with a joystick for Pokemon GO is iPOGO. This popular program offers various hacks to trick this AR game, including a Pokemon GO joystick for iOS devices. It helps you effortlessly walk in the game and catch Pokemon while lying on your sofa. However, you can only download it through its website.

Get the hang of how to get a joystick in Pokemon GO with iPOGO:

Step 1: Go to its website, and follow the instructions to download and install this Pokemon GO joystick hack on your iOS device;

Step 2: Click Settings, select General, and choose VPN & Device Management. Tap the app below DEVELOPER APP and trust the app;
Pokemon GO joystick iPOGO
Step 3: Open it and log in. To use the joystick in Pokemon GO, click on the pin icon in the upper left and choose Settings. Toggle on Joystick Dynamic/Static and press Done;
Pokemon GO joystick iPOGO 1
Step 4: When a joystick is added to the screen, you can press and drag the Pokemon GO controller to walk as you want.

Then you get the joystick for Pokemon GO on your iOS device.

Note: As this Pokemon GO joystick hack is a modified program, it is risky to play Pokemon GO and you are likely to get banned.

How to Get a Pokemon GO Joystick for Android


When it comes to the Pokemon GO joystick for Android devices, PGSharp is the go-to for adding a joystick in Pokemon GO. The modified app is easy to set up and provides basic Pokemon Go cheating hacks to auto-walk in the game, boost spawns, and change the GPS locations.

Find out how to get a joystick for Pokemon GO apk with PGSharp:

Step 1: Open this app and log in;

Step 2: Click on the yellow icon in the top left corner;

Step 3: Tap Settings and switch on Joystick. Then the Pokemon GO joystick will display.
Pokemon GO joystick PGSharp
Just as we’ve mentioned above, a modified Pokemon GO apk with a joystick is riskier in getting you banned by Niantic. To get an unmodified Pokemon GO hack with a joystick for Android devices, the next program might suit your taste.


If you want to play Pokemon GO with a joystick on Android phones, Fly GPS is a free Pokemon GO joystick for Android users to download. It provides free Pokemon GO location-changing services. And more importantly, this mobile app is not modified client software so it decreases the possibility of being detected as cheating.

Discover how to get a joystick in Pokemon GO with Fly GPS:

Step 1: Go to Settings and choose Developer options (or similar buttons). Click Select mock location app and choose this Pokemon GO joystick hack;
Pokemon GO joystick Fly GPS
Step 2: Open the app on your Android phone. When the map is loaded, randomly set a pin on it and press Please select the menu;

Step 3: To enable the joystick for Pokemon GO apk, select GPS Service Run and choose Move Location Mode;
Pokemon GO joystick Fly GPS 1
Step 4: A virtual joystick will appear on the screen. Then launch Pokemon GO and drag the joystick to control your avatar’s movement.

Final Thoughts

This guide illustrates how to get a joystick in Pokemon GO for both iOS and Android devices. The provided Pokemon GO joystick hack allows you to find Pokemon or Pokestop along any street without physically leaving your house.

If you need a joystick for Pokemon GO on your iPhone, AWZ AnyPorter can be your best Pokemon GO walking hack to manually control your avatar in the game. And there is no worry about soft bans.

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Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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