Frequently Asked Center
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Is it safe to install AWZ Screen Recorder on my computer?

Yes, AWZ Screen Recorder is a safe screen recording application containing no malware or viruses. Your privacy and information security are highly valued by AWZware. There are no hacking issues when downloading, installing, or using this software.

How can I remove the watermark from recorded videos?

A watermark will be added to a video if you are using the free version. To remove the watermark, it is necessary to subscribe to the Pro plan. Then all your recorded videos are watermark-free by default.

Can I use the AWZ Screen Recorder to record my screen for gaming?

Of course, you can! This screencast program can automatically recognize most of the popular games. You just need to launch the game on your computer and select the game progress you need in AWZ Screen Recorder. And the recording starts.

Can I record the screen and camera at the same time?

Yes, AWZ Screen Recorder supports capturing both your screen and webcam simultaneously. It is incredibly useful when you need to make tutorials, reaction videos, and games without delay.

Can AWZ Screen Recorder edit videos?

The AWZ Screen Recorder can edit videos and audio. It has an in-built video and audio editor that provides basic editing tools. You can trim and take screenshots of your recorded materials.

How do I record audio only?

The "Record Audio" feature helps you easily record voice, music, podcasts, and radio without the computer screen. Make sure your computer is connected to an audio system before you enable the feature. The "Gain" and "Noise Reduction" options make the audio clearer.

Why is there no sound on my recorded videos?

If your recorded videos have no sound, please check the audio input device on your computer. Your cables may not be connected to the PC correctly, or you may have set the sound to silent mode.

Why is there no sound when recording video conferences on AWZ Screen Recorder for Mac?

To record sound while using AWZ Screen Recorder for Mac during video conferences, you need to select the "AWZ Audio Device." Choosing the "AWZ Audio Device" is essential to ensure that the computer's audio output, including the conference's audio, is captured during the recording process. This step allows AWZ Screen Recorder to access the input from the system's audio and include it in your video recording, ensuring that the conference's audio is recorded. If you do not select the "AWZ Audio Device," the recording may include only video without any accompanying sound.

What is the optimal frame rate for recording games using AWZ Screen Recorder?

The recommended setting for recording games using AWZ Screen Recorder is to manually set the frame rate to 60 frames per second (FPS). This frame rate ensures smooth and clear gameplay recording, maintaining a balance between file size and visual quality. However, the specific optimal frame rate may vary based on individual preferences and system performance.

How to resolve webcam lagging issues after enabling AI background removal in AWZ Screen Recorder?

Typically, when using the AI background removal feature in AWZ Screen Recorder, if you encounter webcam lagging, you can consider lowering the webcam resolution setting to alleviate the lagging problem.

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