What is Your Refund Policy?


AWZWARE is committed to offering every user the best experience, if you dispute an order, we will try our best to figure out the problem for you first.

Questions about the refund process? Please read the FAQs below. 


1. In what circumstances do we issue a refund?


  • Purchased Two Plans? If the user has mistakenly purchased two plans under their account, we will help them refund one of the plans in full.
  • Having a Software Problem? 
  1. For a monthly subscription, if the user reports a software defect within the first seven (7) days, we will try to solve the problem in the next three (3) business days according to the details the user provided. If the problem cannot be handled within the 3 business days the user may request a refund.
  2. For a yearly subscription or perpetual license, if the user complains about a bug in the application within the first thirty (30) days and applies for a refund, we will try to troubleshoot in the next fourteen (14) business days according to the details you send. If the problem still cannot be fixed within the 14 business days, AWZWARE will issue a refund to you.
  3. For ALL subscriptions, if the user refuses to cooperate with AWZWARE support team for troubleshooting (e.g., refuses to provide details about the problem), AWZWARE reserves to right to refuse to issue a refund.
  • Feeling Dissatisfied? After the initial order, the user has used the software for up to 15 days after the initial order and feels dissatisfied, we may issue a partial refund based on the remaining days left on the subscription. Should you cancel after the 15 days, your payment is non-refundable, and your service will continue until the end of the subscription period. Under no circumstances will refunds be granted after the subscription has expired.
  • Automatic Renewal? Your subscription begins as soon as your order is processed, and will automatically be renewed on the expiration date, without notice until you cancel. Your automatic renewal payment is non-refundable and your service will continue even if you cancel until the end of that billing cycle.
  • Wrong Plan? If the user bought the wrong plan, we would assist the user in changing to the more appropriate plan and refund the difference. Or in the case of an upgrade, the user must pay the difference.
  • Wrong System? We will not issue a refund if the user did not read important information such as system requirements before purchasing a plan and failed to use the software on a supported OS.    
  • Third-party Resellers? Plans purchased from third-party resellers will not be refunded by AWZWARE. Please contact the dealer for a refund request.


2. What is the AWZWARE refund process?


  • Go to AWZWARE User Center, and under Subscription Details, find the corresponding order to be refunded, click the Refund button;
  • Complete the form with an accurate description of the reason for the refund or in the case of a change of plan, provide the details of the plan to be exchanged; 
  • Our customer support team will contact you within 1 business day.


3. How long does it take to get my refund?


Our customer support team will contact you within 1 business day after receiving the request. If the circumstances meet the requirements for a refund, then after they have been confirmed by the support personnel, we will start processing your refund. Once the refund process has been started the actual refund time depends on your payment method, generally 3-7 business days by PayPal, 7-30 days by a Visa or MasterCard. The refund processing time will be longer than expected during holidays. The refund will go back to the same payment method you initially used.

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