BeReal app is a user-friendly photo-sharing application that allows users to share one photo each day to display to their followers what they are doing at that moment. However, if someone takes a screenshot, BeReal will detect it and let the owners of the pictures know who is creeping up on them. Here, we will delve deeper to understand BeReal's privacy features and see if BeReal notifies screen recording.

What Is BeReal?

BeReal app is a social media application founded in December 2019 by Alexis Barreyat. It encourages users to share who they are in real-time and is available for download on Android and iOS devices. It is the most authentic way to connect with everyone you care about and share your real life.

BeReal Logo

Key Features

  • Invites you to capture and share a real-time photo of your life within two minutes
  • Allows all your friends to post at the same time with no filters, no likes, and just life as it happens
  • Helps capture a moment using your front and back camera
  • Allows you to personalize your authentic reactions with RealMoji
  • It lets you go back in time with memories that you can revisit and relive anytime you want

Does BeReal Allow Screen Recording?

YES! BeReal allows screen recording as long as you use it legally. Any use of other people's photos for making profit is not permitted on BeReal. In addition, BeReal can detect and notify screen recording to the image owner if you use any built-in tool on the device.

Does BeReal Notify Screen Recording?

When it comes to knowing, does BeReal notify screen recording? The answer is unquestionably YES! The BeReal app will definitely inform the owner when you capture a screenshot or do screen recordings. However, you must remember that BeReal doesn't notify you when anyone attempts to capture a copy of others' pictures with screen recorders. For now, this consequence has been user testimonials on Android phones only. It is not entirely accurate based on the differences of individual cases.

Although BeReal actively identifies people who capture screenshots, it considers them more lightly. As you take a screenshot on BeReal, a miniature icon will appear next to your photo instead of a notification.

For example, when using BeReal on your iPhone, the icon will be a number informing you how many people have captured screenshots. However, when using the BeReal Android app, it'll just be a small yellow shutter icon, irrespective of how many people screenshot it.

However, if you need to screen record or capture screenshots on BeReal without any notification, you must avoid the built-in screen capture tools. You can opt for third-party tools to accomplish the task, as BeReal cannot identify these screen recorders or screenshot programs.

Screen Record BeReal Without Notifying

AWZ Screen Recorder is a lightweight yet powerful screen recorder tool. It helps you capture screenshots or screen record the BeReal posts without screen recording notifications. AWZ Screen Recorder also helps with gameplay recording, audio capture, and many other user-friendly features.

AWZ Screen Recorder
  • Record gameplay clips with no lag
  • User-friendly interface & Easy-to-use
  • Record system sound & voice from you
  • Automatically block extraneous sounds
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Key Features

  • It supports taking screenshots and recording screen, audio, and camera individually or simultaneously
  • Plan your auto-screen recordings at a specific moment
  • Export up to 120 fps of excellence and high frame-rate videos
  • Offers an expansive array of output formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MP3, WAV, AAC, JPG, PNG, etc.
  • Capture your preferred screen perfectly, and record screenshots and snapshots
  • Allows you to add annotations of your liking to the video or picture you record or capture
  • Compatible with sharing recordings to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Google Drive, and other websites

Let's check a step-by-step guide to recording BeReal with AWZ Screen Recorder.

Step 1: Download and install AWZware Screen Recorder

Install and launch the AWZ Screen Recorder.

For Windows Users:

For Mac Users:

 Free Download

Step 2: Select a recording layout

Start the Recorder Program to choose a recording mode from the screen, webcam, microphone, or audio as you like.

Step 3: Record your screen

Use advanced capture options to record the entire smartphone screen or a selected region. Click the REC button to capture your desired screen.

AWZ Screen Recorder for PC Interface

Step 4: Edit and save your recordings

Replay your recorded videos or edit your recordings, including the audio source, and output them to any format you like in HD quality.

Does BeReal Notify Screenshots

Knowing if someone will be notified before you screenshot something from social media is pretty helpful. If someone captures a screenshot of your BeReal post, you will not be sent a push notification about it. Similarly, the user will not be notified if you capture a screenshot. However, you can see if someone captured a screenshot of your BeReal post by seeing it.

As you open the BeReal app, there will be a tiny square icon with the number of screenshots captured on the corner of your post if someone screenshots it. So the answer to the above question is YES! Users can definitely tell if you took a screenshot of their post.

Here are some straightforward steps to check who screenshots your pictures.

Step 1. Choose your post with the white or yellow icon, depending on your device.

Step 2. Click the icon. And enter a new interface.

How to Check Screenshots on BeReal

Step 3. Next, you can share it on platforms or apps to check who is secretly stalking you.

Step 4. Next, switch back to BeReal to click on the required option and view the one's real identity.

The Bottom Line

As there is currently no way to prevent users from capturing screenshots from your posts, be careful of who you add as a friend and what you share on the social platform. However, if you want to capture a BeReal post secretly using a reliable and efficient screen recorder, the AWZ Screen Recorder might be your best software program to check if it does BeReal notify screen recording.

Common FAQ about

Q:Can you screenshot BeReal without them knowing?

The answer to the above question is YES! BeReal will notify the owner of the video or photo if you capture a screenshot of their posts. However, you can also screenshot BeReal secretly by following some ways.

Way 1. Use the AWZ screen recorder to capture the BeReal post, then capture the images or photos you want to save.

Way 2. Use another smartphone or secondary device To capture the desired screenshot.

Way 3. Capture screenshots in the Recent Apps Tab.



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