Whether you are an active Instagram user or a beginner, you probably heard about Picuki for Instagram. This Instagram viewer app is a great assistant to help you handily download IG pictures or videos when browsing Instagram feeds, not to mention it lets you view Instagram anonymously without an account.

Instagram is one of the topmost platforms to share photos, videos, drawings, and even inspiring designs for games like Animal Crossing. However, this popular social networking app doesn’t have the option to save those photos or drawings you like from other accounts. Though that’s a little disappointing, with Picuki for Instagram, downloading your favorite Instagram posts is a five-finger exercise.

In this informational post, AWZware will walk you through an overview of this Instagram profile viewer tool from what it is to how to use it, as well as an introduction to 3 Picuki alternatives. Let’s explore its full utilities in the following part!

Picuki for Instagram

What Is Picuki

Picuki for Instagram is a free Instagram story viewer attracting wide attention in recent years. It allows you to straightforwardly search IG stories without an account. Furthermore, it's also a feasible editor to edit your saved photos and videos online before downloading. This Instagram viewer app is packed with the tools to crop, add filters, and so on. Now, this tool is accessible as an online website (Picuki.com) and an application available for Google Play Store.

Picuki for Instagram 1

You can narrow your search results by profiles, tags, and locations. Picuki for Instagram even lists the trending profiles of Instagram influencers and tags, making it easier to check viral topics if you haven’t installed this app. However, this platform also has several drawbacks that might bother you: it cannot save a post by entering the URL and fails to load more Instagram posts when checking one’s profile.

Since it’s an anonymous story viewer, liking or commenting on a post is impossible. But that might be the reason why lots of users choose this software: the Instagram viewer app lets people download what they want from IG and browse IG profiles without anyone knowing.


  • View someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing;
  • Download Instagram stories or pictures with 1 click;
  • Browse Instagram accounts without registration and login.
Note: We recommend visiting its website instead of utilizing the mobile app which still needs further improvements.

Is Picuki Anonymous

This Instagram viewer is a practical tool to protect your anonymity because Picuki for Instagram allows you to view Instagram without using an account. The Instagram viewer app is not necessary to log in to your IG account and your activities performed on Picuki won’t be recorded on Instagram. In other words, when viewing a story posted by someone, your username won’t be displayed.

Is Picuki Safe

As Picuki for Instagram is a third-party tool, you may be concerned about its security. And here is the answer: Yes, it is safe to use this web-based software. This Instagram story viewer doesn’t have intrusive advertisements or pop-ups, ask you to register, or charge you a penny. All you need to do is search via Picuki to find the Instagram account you like. As a result, your personal information won’t be exposed.

How to Use Picuki to View Instagram Profiles and Posts

When it comes to how to use this Instagram viewer application, the process is pretty easy and quick. The website is extensively compatible with common modern web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Accordingly, any device is available to access the website. In addition, it is better to locate the post by searching for the username.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for saving an IG post using Picuki for Instagram:

Step 1: Go to Picuki’s website;

Step 2: Enter the username you’re looking for in the search bar and hit the Enter key;
How to use Picuki to save post
Step 3: Select the post you want to save, then click Download.

The post will be saved to your folder. To view others’ Instagram without an account, just copy and paste their usernames, then browse their colorful life with this Instagram story viewer.

Best Alternatives to Picuki

Of course, Picuki for Instagram is not your only option to search IG without using an account. There are other useful websites like Picuki offering their online services for free. Here we present other 3 Instagram viewer applications to help you browse IG posts anonymously. Let’s check these Picuki alternatives together!

Ig stories viewer

Ig stories viewer alternative to Picuki

Ig stories viewer is an anonymous Instagram story viewer letting you browse Instagram feeds without logging into your account. It provides you with similar features as Picuki to browse and save posts. You can search for the exact username or hashtag to find your target content.

The only thing that is missing is that this Instagram viewer app doesn’t have filters to nail down the results. Besides, the processing time is a little longer, and it saves images as CDN files. An online converter is required to convert the files into an image file format.


Gramhir alternative to Picuki

Gramhir is another web-based Instagram viewer application offering free online services to save IG stories and photos. Like Picuki, it enables you to filter your search results by profile and hashtag. Furthermore, more posts of a certain account can be displayed.

Though editing is impossible, free downloading IG stories and photos without registering a Gramhir account. What makes this Picuki alternative special is that it is also an Instagram analyzer. You can access basic first-hand statistics about any IG account such as account rate and photos and video ratio.


Inflact alternative to Picuki

Inflact might be one of the best Instagram photo and video downloaders. It doesn’t need registration and is free to use as well. This Instagram viewer app stands out for its ability to download your target content using the URL, which saves much time browsing and finding the post you want.

As the recommended Picuki alternative, it lets you search Instagram feeds without an account and can fully protect your anonymity. However, it charges to view IG feeds and some accounts, even public accounts, are unavailable.


Picuki for Instagram is the most used Instagram story viewer that allows its users to view IG feeds without an account. We believe you must have a clearer picture of this utility tool and the way to save your favorite posts. In addition, other Picuki-like websites are available as well. Give them a whirl if you’re interested.



Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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