Bumble is a dating app that is taking users by storm to help match like-minded people. You can create impressive bios to make your profile look appealing and let others know about you in a creative and exciting way. 

The page by AWZware has listed a collection of tips and ideas to make the best Bumble bios for your profile and make them stand out. Take a look to uplift your Bumble bio with our best tips and compel others to swipe right to land with potential matches and romantic dates. Let’s get started. 

Best Bumble Bios for Guys and Girls

11 Ideas to Make the Best Bumble Bios

Check some of the best Bumble bios ideas to make a good Bumble bio and the profile examples to fetch more matches. 

An Attractive Photo

Usually, an attractive photo compliments the best Bumble bios as it’s the first thing that catches anyone’s attention. You must not lose the opportunity to click and upload your best photo, highlighting your face’s best features. Ensure to face the camera and avoid wearing sunglasses for a clear view. 

Pros and Cons

Girls and boys can use Pros and Cons to make the best Bumble bios. This lets them be funny and serious at the same time to write the best and worst things about themselves. Some of the Bumble bio ideas include;

Mike, 28

  • Pro: I love Sci-fi and action movies
  • Cons: I cry at emotional scenes 

Nick, 20

  • Pro: I’m a big-time foody
  • Cons: I can’t cook

Unpopular Opinions

People disagree with unpopular opinions. You can post unpopular opinions as funny Bumble bios, where people will raise an eyebrow and argue with you. You can make good Bumble bios with uncontroversial opinions like,

Diana, 22

  • Atheism is a religion 
  • Weddings are uniformly dull
  • Vanilla icecreams taste horrible

Two Truths and A Lie

The two truths and a lie method is the best way to reveal good and bad things about yourself and create funny bios for Bumble to grab the eyeballs of every Bumble user. Check out these examples of the best Bumble bios.

Best Bumble Bios - Two Truths and A Lie

Tom, 24

  • I grew up in New Zealand 
  • I love dogs over cats 
  • I’m currently working as a model  

Liala, 24

  • I’m a twin 
  • I play piano and guitar 
  • I have 40 pairs of beach sandals 

Useless Skills

Often funny Bumble bios revolve around the useless abilities of users. You can show off your bizarre talents and personal skills to make some of the “About me” talents. Some examples of good Bumble bios males include;

Good Bumble Bios - Useless Skills

James, 25

  • I can paint and write well with my feet
  • I know the lyrics of all songs of Beyoncé

Nancy, 26

  • I can make any dish from any ingredients 
  • I know every line from The Princess Bride 

List of Your Likes

Nobody likes to date a couch potato, so you should only mention creative and exciting things that can appeal to others. Here’s how you can write the best Bumble bios to list your likes,

Xander, 22

I like…

  • My dog’s fur
  • To explore new places

Lina, 21

I like… 

  • Watching cartoons in my free time
  • Ice creams with brownie 

About You and What Are You Looking For

Bumble lets you express your choices and list what you’re looking for to write the (best)Bumble bios for guys and girls. It would help if you listed some basic things about you in your bio and what you’re looking for in your companion. For instance, you can write,

“Hi! I’m Alex, an English teacher and I love teaching. My hobbies include playing baseball, reading and enjoying short trips on weekends. I’m looking for someone to have adventures with.”

Less than and Greater than

You can make great impressions by writing the best Bumble bios. Use the less than and greater than tricks to impress others and create your profile attractive to get more people to initiate a conversation with you. For example, some Bumble bios for girls are,

Amy, 21

  • Country life > City life
  • Savory < Sweet 
  • Dogs > Cats

Hailey, 23

  • Pasta < Pizza 
  • Winter > Summer 
  • Beaches > Mountains 

By Night and By Day

You can have different personalities by day and night. You can list them to make good Bumble bios and write facts to let others know better about you. For instance, these 

Bumble bios for men can put you on a win-win side.

Funny Bumble Bios - By Night and By Day

Jack, 26

  • A chef by day and writer by night

John, 20

  • A student by day, a DJ by night

Three Simple Things

You must write three simple things to make the best Bumble bios before anyone asks you. Be honest and open-minded but creative with this one and ensure not to invite any risk along. For instance, you can write good Bumble bios like, 

Jessica, 25

  • I love dogs
  • I’m an avid traveler
  • I love guys with a good sense of humor  

First and Last

The first and last bios are some of the best Bumble bios and a great way to introduce yourself to others. You can list funny and interesting facts in your Bumble bios to have fantastic conversation starters, like,

Ron, 21


  • Trip: Hawaii
  • Crush: Emma Watson
  • Book: The Alchemist


  • Vacation Place: Alaska
  • Web Series I watched: Money Heist

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The Bottom Line

Writing the best Bumble bios can be overwhelming. It gives your first impression to the viewer, so you cannot go lazy with it by any chance to get the best and most potential matches. While the Bumble bios can be intimidating, you must come up with perfect bios to get others to kick a conversation with you.

We have discussed the best tips to write the best and funniest Bumble bios, but you can try AWZ AnyPorter to find matches beyond your current region by spoofing your GPS location in one click. 




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