Instagram is active, with millions of users worldwide flooding your feed daily. While it is updated with fresh content every time you open the app, you may lose great stuff in the shuffle, making you forget and kicking your desire to find the liked posts on Instagram later. Discovering and revisiting liked posts helps review important content and declutter your 'Likes' history. Moreover, as a business user, you can't afford to waste the whole day doom-scrolling for a specific post, making you ponder how to find liked posts on Instagram.

How to Find Liked Posts on Instagram

Now you can see a history of your liked posts to pull up to retrieve the exciting posts of other users on the Instagram app. The AWZware news center helps users how to find liked posts on Instagram 2023 and gives some tips & tricks to never lose track of their liked content. Let's get started.

How to See Posts You've Liked on Instagram

If you are here to know how to find liked posts on Instagram, you'll be delighted to learn that Instagram enables you to  see liked posts in a few steps. This process works on both Android and iOS devices and lets you see 300 of the last posts you have liked.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app on Android or iPhone devices.

Step 2: Tap your profile picture at the bottom right and move to your profile.

Step 3: Click the hamburger menu at the top right and click Your activity.

Go to Your Activity on Instagram

Step 4: Click Interactions, and then press Likes.

Find Liked Posts on Instagram

Step 5: Click the post or video thumbnail of your choice to view it in full from the user's feed.

Note: You cannot view the liked posts through Only mobile devices support finding posts you've liked on Instagram.

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Organizing and Managing Liked Posts

Now you know how to find posts you've liked on Instagram. But using Instagram's Saved Collections Feature, you can create an endless library of content anytime without disturbing the follow list or your feed. Furthermore, it wouldn't even affect your business's public image. You can create and manage the saved collections and even add liked photos to specific groups. After making a collection on Instagram, you can rename it, update the cover photo, add/remove posts, or delete it.

1. Creating and managing saved collections

Check the process to create a new collection from your profile for saved posts and Reels and know how to find liked posts on Instagram.

Step 1: Press your profile picture at the bottom right and visit your profile.

Step 2: Hit the hamburger menu at the upper right and click Saved.

Find Instagram Saved Collections

Step 3: Click the plus icon in the top right and choose any saved post to add to your collection, then click Next.

Manage Saved Posts on Instagram

Step 4: Enter a name and click Add in the upper right.

Create New Instagram Collections

Alternatively, you can create a new collection as you save posts from your Instagram feed by tapping and holding the bookmark tab  below a post and clicking the plus icon.

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2. Adding liked posts to specific collections

After your collection is created, you can add liked posts to a specific collection with the following steps. Let us see how to find liked posts on Instagram through this method.

Step 1: Go to your profile picture at the lower right and go to your profile.

Step 2: Click the hamburger menu at the top right and tap Saved.

Step 3: Select the collection to which you would like to add posts.

Step 4: Click the kebab menu in the top right and tap Add to Collection.

Add Instagram Posts to Collections

Step 5: Select the saved posts that you’d like to add to your collection, and then tap √.

Note: You can also remove a post from a collection by tapping the post (in your collection), clicking the bookmark icon, and selecting Remove from collection.

Tips and Tricks for Efficiently Finding Liked Posts

We have discussed Instagram Account and Collection Features to help you resolve how to find recently liked posts on Instagram. However, you can optimize the search process in multiple ways, such as:

  • Use Hashtags to search the specific liked posts or discover other relevant content.
  • Tagging posts with a specific hashtag ensures the post shows up when others search the category of that particular hashtag, increasing the chances of visibility. 
  • Location tags also help you optimize the search process.
  • Alternative texts or the Alt-text feature helps make the post more descriptive and works wonders even for visually-impaired users.
  • Use descriptive keywords as captions to show up on the Explore page of relevant users to increase the chances of likes.

How to Efficiently Find Liked Posts on Instagram

So after these tips, you may wonder how to find liked posts on Instagram more easily and quickly. Now you can get particular posts quickly using the Sort & filter options available on the screen under the likes screen.

#1. Posts Order: By default, you can see the most recently liked post at the top. However, you can select the Newest to Oldest order to see the first posts you liked long ago at the top.

#2. Time Span: Time span allows you to see the liked posts during a specific (chosen) time frame.

#3. Author: You can select one of the multiple authors to see only their Instagram posts that you have liked.

Other than following these tips and tricks, you can boost the chances of how to see post you've liked on Instagram by decluttering and organizing the liked posts to maintain a manageable collection. For instance, you can unlike posts in bulk to remove the unnecessary ones. In addition, you can make several collections and rename them to find specific liked posts easily under a particular heading.

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To Sum Up

Today, Instagram is synonymous with entertainment and brings several business opportunities for users to boost their audience engagement. As the day progresses, you can find yourself hooked up in other activities, and your liked posts can disappear from your feed, making you think about how to find liked posts on Instagram. We have now sorted out your query but remember to use the Instagram app on your mobile as it does not work with the desktop version.



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