Creating great video content can be frustrating. From inventing ideas to scripting, filming, editing, and everything in between, it can take ample time and resources to get it right. However, with an AI video generation tool, creating videos is easy. While using one makes the process easier and more cost-effective, as a beginner, the real problem lies in finding the best AI video generator.

In this AWZware article, we will talk about the best AI video generators for free with paid options to delve into the intriguing world of digital illusions capable of transforming your thoughts into moving pictures. Now, all you need to do is provide the spell data. So, stay with us to explore the best AI video generators.

1. Synthesia

best AI video generator Synthesia

Synthesia is the best AI video generator, maker, or creator for free. This Generator enables users to create professional videos without mics, cameras, actors, or studios. This best AI avatar video generator generates a voiceover that can be spelled by AI avatars. Moreover, with the help of this best AI video generator, users can customize backgrounds and branding colors, add soundtrack music and other audio elements, and add markers to create simple animations.

Key Features

  • It has over 85 AI avatars.
  • AI video assistant and screen recorder
  • It supports 120+ languages and accents
  • Auto-generated closed captions
  • MP4 downloads and video embeds

Pros and Cons



●     Pretty realistic AI avatars with many ethnicities, ages, and styles

●     Convenient to use and set up

●     Offers user-friendly editing studio

●     The personal plan allows for only ten video credits per month

●     The custom avatar creation service is quite expensive

●     Some issues with speech and audio quality

Pricing Plans:

The following three subscription plans are available for Synthesia users:

  • Starter: $22 per month, billed annually, or $29 billed monthly.
  • Creator: $67 per month, billed annually, or $89 billed monthly.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing is available upon request.

2. Runway

best AI video generator Runway

Runway is the best free AI video generator. It enables you to meet the needs of filmmakers, artists, graphic designers, and content creators for YouTube and TikTok. This best text to video AI generator offers more than 30 AI-powered creative tools. This best AI video generator can adjust colors and replace backgrounds automatically.

Key Features

  • Allows all sorts of different content, such as videos, images, and so on
  • This will enable you to turn storytelling, animation, and other videos into dynamic videos by Gen-2
  • Allows you to produce high-quality images, making it most appropriate for tasks needing fine detail work
  • It comes with Noise Reduction and Image Stabilization features to smooth out shaky videos and make your content refined and stylish

Pros and Cons



●     Offers many styles and concepts

●     Apply the style of any one image or prompt to every frame of your video.

●     It allows you to cut out subjects in your video and change them as you like with specific modifications to individual elements in your video.

●     More complex tasks or high resolutions result in higher resource costs, and this may limit its availability to users with less powerful hardware

●     It may produce artifacts or inconsistencies in the generated content

●     Requires further smoothing out and cutting

Pricing Plans:

The following three subscription plans are available for Runway users:

  • Basic: Free
  • Plus: $25/month
  • Max: $60/month

3. Fliki

best AI video generator Fliki

Fliki is another of the best AI video generators to generate videos from text for YouTube, TikTok, filmmakers, artists, graphic designers, and content creators for free. It also comes with paid versions to suit your needs. It has the best AI video generator tools to create videos as easily as sitting down and writing a few sentences.

Fliki AI has become especially popular with bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and marketing experts, who use AI video creation to create interesting promotional materials.

Key Features

  • Provides access to millions of stock media
  • It comes with over 2000 realistic text-to-speech voices across 75+ languages.
  • Converts text to video
  • Creates voice cloning
  • It uses AI Voiceovers to change into realistic voices made by AI

Pros and Cons



●     It allows you to focus on your creativity without distractions

●     Excellent audio quality

●     Economical software

●     Limited pictorial variations 

●     Technical glitches and bugs

●     Restricted number of minutes per month at no charge

Pricing Plans:

The following three subscription plans are available for Fliki users:

  • Free version available
  • Standard Plan: $21 per month for annual plan
  • Premium Plan: $66 per month for a yearly plan

4. InVideo AI

best AI video generator InVideo AI

InVideo AI is the best video generator powered by AI that supports everything from script generation and avatar generation to slideshow design and YouTube video editing. This best AI video generator has many templates, workflows, and assets to choose from. With this best AI text to video generator, you can easily create high-quality videos to meet your professional needs.

Moreover, users can input a target audience when generating an AI-generated video, ensuring the AI picks design elements and other features to fit that buyer's persona's expectations.

Key Features

  • 6,000+ video templates and unlimited plan users
  • AI script generation
  • Team sharing and shareable links
  • Customizable intros and outros
  • Event and social-media-calendar-driven project templates

Pros and Cons



●    Much cheaper and easier-to-use software

●    Provides ready-made video templates online.

●    Straightforward to use and rich templates library

●    Using the free service, the InVideo watermark will remain on your created videos.

●     The best stock footage and photo collections are reserved for higher-priced subscription plans only.

●     Limited templates are available for holidays such as Christmas, New Year, etc.

Pricing Plans:

The following three subscription plans are available for Invideo AI users:

  • Free version available
  • Plus Plan: $20 per user per month, billed annually, or $25 per user billed monthly.
  • Max Plan: $48 per user per month, billed annually, or $60 per user billed monthly.

5. DeepBrain AI

Best AI Video Generator DeepBrain AI

The DeepBrain AI is the best free AI video generator without a watermark. Enter or upload a script to this best AI video generator to generate videos from text to video for free to produce a video, which then becomes the main storyline of your video. When your script is set, the text-to-speech feature of this AI text to video generator online for free quickly turns your written word into a spoken story.

Key Features

  • Option to create customized avatars
  • Text-to-Speech feature
  • Prebuilt Video Templates
  • Online AI Video Editor
  • 2D & 3D AI Avatar

Pros and Cons



●     An extensive range of AI Avatars is available

●     Include  50+ scenes in a single video

●     Face swap function feature to merge your own face with the AI avatars easily

●     No integration with other software or platforms

●     It might be inconvenient if you need integration with other tools or services for an enhanced video production environment.

●     There needs to be a mechanism in the platform to collaborate with others on video projects.

Pricing Plans:

The following three subscription plans are available for DeepBrain AI users:

  • Starter Plan: $30 per month
  • Pro Plan: $225 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Customizable

6. Colossyan

Best AI Video Generator Colossyan

Colossyan is the best AI video generator to generate videos from text to video AI. It is an AI-supported video creation tool for streamlining the video-creating process. Especially, Colossyan's software to create videos is especially adept at creating content of different forms, including marketing videos, explainer videos, and many others in 70+ languages. This makes it the best AI video generator and a good fit for various industries and applications.

Key Features

  • A vast array of digital avatars of different genders, ages, and ethnicities
  • Offers a Conversation Feature to make videos featuring two AI avatars talking to each other
  • Allows to create Brand styles and save in the Brand Kit feature to apply to the videos for consistency
  • Offers multiple video customization options
  • Best screen recording software with traditional and side-view avatars

Pros and Cons



●     Straightforward interface to use

●     A broad range of customization functions

●     GPT integration for scripting assistance

●     Users can't directly incorporate live human actors or their own recordings into the platform.

●     Customization capabilities require a learning curve.

●     Limited video template options

Pricing Plans:

The following three subscription plans are available for Colossyan users:

  • Starter Plan: Between $19 and $38 per month
  • Pro Plan: Between $61 and $158 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for unlimited editors, viewers, and minutes.

7. Picsart

Best AI Video Generator Picsart

Picsart online video maker is one of the best AI video generators. This accessible text to video AI generator enables you to easily edit your videos and turn them into absorbing and fun pieces of content. Create videos directly in your browser without the hassle of purchasing and downloading expensive software.

With this best free AI video generator, you can easily create professional-looking content like slideshows, presentation videos, social media videos, stories, and promotional videos.

Key Features

  • AI makes it faster and easier to edit your photos, remove backgrounds, and generate new backgrounds.
  • Generate images or discover plenty of ready-to-use design templates
  • Unlocks fresh creative avenues to explore AI creation, share your ideas, and connect with others
  • Available for mobile and web
  • Comprehensive toolkit with Photo Editor, AI Logo Generator, AI Enhance, Background Changer, Text Editor, and more

Pros and Cons



●    The mobile apps are amazing

●    Free tools for the casual creator

●    Excellent for generating GIFS, quick videos, and AI avatars

●    Their writing and image tools aren’t so good

●    AI Avatars can take up to 30+ minutes to generate.

●    Its web app interface is challenging to master

Pricing Plans:

The following three subscription plans are available for Picsart users:

  • Free version available
  • Picsart Plus: $13 per month
  • Picsart Pro: $15 per month

Best Screen Recorder to Record Audio and Video

Best Video Generator AWZ Screen Recorder

AWZ Screen Recorder is a powerful and versatile screen recorder that lets you record videos created from the best AI video generators with audio and even a webcam, including yourself inside. You can also annotate the videos with text, lines, or shapes. It also enables you to edit videos with its built-in video editor. It is easy to use and delivers excellent video quality without watermarks.

Key Features

  • Enables recording streaming videos and online meetings
  • Provides a high-resolution webcam recorder
  • Allows basic video editing
  • Excellent annotation tools
  • Offers custom recording

Pricing Plans:

Free version available

Pro version: $29.9/lifetime

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have talked about the seven best AI video generators to simplify your workflow. Now you know that with the help of the best text to video AI generator, you can complete many of the most complicated video tasks, ranging from editing footage and audio to creating shorter clips and summaries from long-form content. You can settle for any of the above-mentioned AI video generators according to your needs.

However, If you are looking for powerful and versatile software to help you transform your thoughts into moving pictures, AWZ Screen Recorder is the best AI video generator. Download and try it today!



Charlotte has been in the software industry for 8+ years. She works for AWZWARE now as a passionate writer. She is good at providing simple guides to use various video, office and entertainment software. Charlotte also recommends many other useful tools to make your work and life easier. A food lover too.

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