You may need various cartoon videos saved on your phone or laptop to meet several purposes, including kid's entertainment, your animation project, video creation, or old cartoon character obsession. In that case, you must require different cartoon video downloads, including cartoon stock video clips and cartoon movies & episodes.

So, to download your favorite cartoon content safely, you must know the top 5 free cartoon video download websites without copyright violations, along with their attractions and highlights in this AWZware article. You can use the free downloaded cartoon content for personal and non-commercial purposes.

1. Pixabay

Pixabay is a free cartoon video download website without ads. It offers video clips of fun, dance, the sky with rainbow, stretches, animals, and robots, as well as any other media content, including images, music, etc.

free cartoon video download website Pixabay

You can get cartoon short animation video downloads for a baby or adult in HD, HDWeb, or 4K resolution in various downloading formats, such as MOV, MP4, etc, in different file sizes. You can choose the format, quality, or size that best fits your needs. Make a free registered account to explore the license & royalty-free 4K cartoon video download. Filmmakers, filmmakers, artists, etc, frequently upload the content.

2. Videezy

Videezy is one of the most reputed free cartoon video download websites for PCs and mobile devices. From the vast collection of  664 royalty- and copy-protection-free cartoon video clips and footage, you can select your desired one using versatile filters such as resolution, file type, format, etc.

free cartoon video download website Videezy

On this paid and free cartoon website, you will find various cartoon videos, including sky, landscape, summer, motion, etc. Under the video description features, you will also find video sharing and downloading options and various formats such as 4K-3840x2160 pixels-Mp4/ HD-1920×1080 pixels-MOV or more.

3. Mobiles24

Mobiles24 is one of the best free cartoon video download websites for a child or kid for mobile or tablet devices. It offers around 220 free cartoon videos in various categories, such as funny Donal Duck, The Powerpuff Girls, etc video.

free cartoon video download website Mobiles24

This is the most contemporary cartoon video website that supports cartoon video website that supports cartoon comedy, funny, and animated video download options in HD/ FHD/ 4K resolution and standard MP4 format. It also offers file size and playback speed specifications so that users can download the file depending on their device's storage & bandwidth capacity.

4. Internet Archive

Being one of the leading digital media libraries, Internet Archive is the best cartoon video download website for free. With a 10.6 million video library, this website offers 6,694 cartoon and animated content. It provides various filters, such as years, media types, etc, to customize your search.

free cartoon video download website Internet Archive

This free cartoon video download website with no copyright issues gets you video in various formats (MKV, HEVC, etc.), resolutions ( HD, FullHD, etc.), file sizes, and downloading options. Downloading it lets you upload your favorite cartoon content to this platform to share your collections with the world.

5. YouTube

To make a list of the best free cartoon video download websites, you can't miss YouTube's endless cartoon content library. While searching for cartoon videos of your favorite genre, cartoon characters, shows, or anything else, you will get endless videos with various customization options.

free cartoon video download website YouTube

It provides various types of cartoon videos for free download with English closed-captioning, playback speed selection, 360p, or other video quality, etc. While exploring additional settings, you can customize more, such as loop video, stable volume, etc.

How to Record Cartoon Videos to Watch Offline

No matter what website you use for your free cartoon video download, you always need high-speed internet support for the uninterrupted downloading process. You also need to download the entire video, even if you need to download any particular part. These downloads also occupy a huge storage space on your device. Some videos are also not available for download on some free cartoon sites. In that case, AWZ Screen Recorder is an all-time savior.

how to record cartoon videos to watch offline

To avoid the hassle and limitations of downloading cartoon videos, AWZ Screen Recorder offers the most flexible yet advanced features to optimize your offline cartoon video streaming experience. While getting you watermark-free recording, it also lets you schedule your multiple cartoon videos for automatic recording one after another. So, let's look at some other attractive features of this tool.

Flexible Features

  • Record screen with full screen or any region of the screen
  • Enjoy screen recording with webcam, microphone, audio & speaker
  • You can easily edit the video recording & audio sources
  • Remove noise from recorded videos
  • You can annotate during the recording

Steps to record a Cartoon video on Windows or Mac

Step 1: Once you start the AWZ tool on your system, you must select the recording mode from the options: webcam, microphone, screen, or audio.

Step 2: Next, decide which part of the screen you want to record. You can also select the entire screen for recording. Then, choose the advanced capture option and select the “Rec” option to start the recording process.

Step 3: During the video playback, you can edit the recording and audio source and get the output quality in HD and the desired format.

Apart from seamless screen recording, AWZ also offers video editing tools, such as Trimming any unwanted part, Lossless Compression of large file sizes, Background screen removal to explore creativity, Digital noise reduction for video enhancement, etc., to transform your offline cartoon video recording experience from average to advanced.


So, your search for where to download cartoons for free has come to an end with the list mentioned above of the top 5 websites. However, to be the best out of these free websites, you must take the most authentic and powerful screen recording support of AWZ Screen Recorder to stay close to all of your favorite cartoon videos forever.



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