Instagram Reels is a great channel to connect with your audience and attract more followers. As a content creator or brand manager, you know that consistently publishing posts at times when users are active is one of the keys to success. So, is it possible to schedule Reels in advance so that everything is under control? This article will tell you how to info about how to schedule Reels on Instagram for free

Can You Schedule Reels on Instagram?

You've noticed that there isn't a button that lets you schedule Instagram posts or reels. However, you find that some users do have the option of scheduling a posting in the Advanced settings, so why don't you? Can you schedule Reels on Instagram? Well, the answer is YES! The reason you can't do it yet is because you're still missing some settings.

The truth is that everyone can schedule Instagram Reels for free as long as two conditions are met:

✅ A Professional account

✅ The Professional account has been linked to Facebook Page

In this way, it’s possible to schedule Instagram Reels within the app or from PC. There is no need to use a third-party app. You will be able to schedule up to 25 posts per day & schedule up to 75 days in advance. Just keep reading this guide provided by AWZware to see how to equip your account with the Schedule feature.

Preparations for Scheduling Reels

As mentioned earlier, to schedule Instagram Reels, a professional account that is linked to Facebook Page is needed. If you don't know how to do that, then, follow the steps below.

Create A Professional Account

The Professional account can be divided into two types, Business account and Creator account. If you are a content creator or artist, then you can choose Creator account. For small businesses who want to increase customers, then Business account will be a good choice.

1. Open Instagram app, go to the profile page > Tap the 3-lines icon.

Profile Page

2. Tap Settings and privacy and choose Switch to professional account > Tap Continue.

Switch to Professional Account

3. Choose to create a Creator account or Business account > Tap Next.

Choose Creator or Business

4. You can set up your professional account immediately or later.

Link Your Professional Account to Facebook Page

Now you have a professional account. Then let’s see how to create a Facebook Page and link your Instagram.

Create Facebook Page

1. Open a browser and go to > Log in to your account.

2. In the top right corner, click the nine-dots icon and choose Pages.

3. Edit your information> Click Create Page to confirm.

Create Page

Link Instagram to Facebook

1. Go to Pages and choose Meta Business Suite.

Meta Business Suite

2. Click Settings in the lower left corner > Choose Business assets and click Add assets.

Business Assets

3. Choose Instagram account and fill in your account information.

Now that all the preparations are complete. Check out the section below to see how to schedule Reels on Instagram.

How to Schedule Reels on Instagram App

Before you start, make sure you've updated Instagram to the latest version to ensure you can access the Schedule feature. If you're ready, then read on to learn how to schedule Instagram Reels.

1. Open Instagram app > Tap the + button.

2. Choose Reel and edit it as usual.

3. Then tap Advanced settings.

4. Turn on Schedule this reel > Set the date and time.

5. Finally, tap Schedule to schedule this reel.

Schedule Reels with App

Note: To manage the scheduled reels: Go to Profile page > Tap the 3-lines icon > Tap Scheduled content.

Still don't see an option to schedule reels? Chances are that this feature is not supported in your area right now. Don’t worry, you can move on to the next part to see how to schedule Reels on Instagram with Meta Business Suite.

How to Schedule Reels on Instagram from PC

We've already met Meta Business Suite when connecting Instagram accounts earlier. It is a tool that lets you manage all Facebook and Instagram accounts in one place. It can be a good helper if you want to schedule Reels on Instagram from PC. By the way, it can help you directly post Reels on Instagram from PC.

Let’s see how to schedule Reels on Instagram with Meta Business Suite.

1. Visit > Log in to your Facebook account > Go to your Facebook Pages.

2. Choose Meta Business Suite.

Choose Meta Business Suite

3. Click Create reel.

Create Reel

4. Select your Instagram account and edit the Reel > Click Next to continue.

Select Instagram Account

5. Click Schedule > Select the date and time > Click Schedule to confirm.

Schedule Reels from PC

Note: To manage the scheduled reels: Flick Planner from the sidebar> Filter reels by time > Click the reel to make changes.

If you also want to know how to schedule posts on Facebook, then you can go to this guide to get the methods:

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How to Schedule Posts on Facebook for Free 2023

This guide will show you how to schedule posts on Facebook for free, including the methods to schedule Facebook posts on iPhone, Android phone, and computer.


Final Words

That’s all about how to schedule Reels on Instagram for free. In general, as long as you have a Professional account that has lined to Facebook Page, then you will be able to schedule reels with the app or Meta Business Suite.

Although Meta Business Suite is feature-rich, it cannot help you download reels or videos. If you are interested in downloading videos from Instagram, then check this guide:

[Quick Guide] How to Download Instagram Videos on PC 2023

[Quick Guide] How to Download Instagram Videos on PC 2023

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Common FAQ about

Q:Does Instagram have a free scheduler?

Yes. With a professional account, you will be able to use the free scheduler to schedule posts, reels, and stories.

Q:Do scheduled reels get less views?

No. Scheduling reels can help you keep posting consistently. It's a great way to increase social media engagement and attract followers.

Q:Why can’t I schedule reels on Instagram?

Scheduling Instagram reels is free of cost but this feature is not available for individual users. A professional account is needed. The good news is that everyone can create a professional account.



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