Do the latest K-dramas, C-dramas, or J-dramas excite you? If you are an ardent fan of Asian dramas, the KissAsian site should be your go-to platform. While it offers a vast library of intriguing dramas across Asia, you may wonder how to download them in KissAsian.

This article is here to show you the three best KissAsian downloaders to download KDrama or other videos and enjoy them offline at any time. Let's review each one's detailed process and find the downloader that best suits your needs.

Can You Download from KissAsian?

KissAsian site is a hub for Asian dramas and movies. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best sites for enjoying Asian videos. While the site is absolutely free, creating an account lets you download and watch your favorite dramas and movies offline. You can also use third-party KissAsian downloader apps to download your selected Asian videos. 

Check out how to download Asian dramas and movies using the best KissAsian video downloaders.

3 KissAsian Video Downloaders You Can Use

KissAsian has reserved its rights to directly download links for registered users only to protect creators' copyright concerns. However, you can use KissAsian downloaders to save your favorite KDramas offline. Learn how to download drama from KissAsian in the three best ways according to the simple steps.

1. Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is a reliable KissAsian movie downloader that you can try online for free. This extension is available from the Chrome Web Store, Microsoft Edge Store, and Mozilla. Using this excellent KissAsian downloader, you can download MP4, WebM, and AVI video formats.

Let us see how to download KDrama or other videos in KissAsian using the Video DownloadHelper browser extension.

Step 1: Install the Video DownloadHelper browser extension;

KissAsian downloader Video DownloadHelper

Step 2: Open the KissAsian website and play your favorite Asian video;

Step 3: Once the extension finds the video, its color will change in the browser's toolbar;

Step 4: Tap the extension icon and choose the video to download. Next, tap the right button;

Step 5: Then choose one of the download options to initiate downloading the video from KissAsian.

KissAsian downloader Video DownloadHelper 1

2. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is another trusted KissAsian downloader app for PCs and video downloader browser extension that gives users greater control and customization options. It is a popular download manager that is pretty good at capturing embedded videos from KissAsian and various other websites. You can quickly try IDM for 30 days for free and then switch to the paid subscription to harness its full potential.

Here's how to download a video from KissAsian using Internet Download Manager.

Step 1: Download and install the KissAsian drama downloader IDM on Windows 7 and above;

KissAsian downloader Internet Download Manager

Step 2: Enable the IDM Integration Module in your browser and play your chosen KissAsian dramas. IDM will auto-detect the video stream;

Step 3: Customize the download parameters such as video format, quality, and destination folder;

KissAsian downloader Internet Download Manager 1

Step 4: Start the download process. 

3. 9xbuddy

9xbuddy is another KissAsian downloader that is available online for free. It lets you quickly download and save videos from multiple platforms, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, SoundCloud, and more. The best part is that you do not need to register or sign in to download the program to use it for your Asian entertainment needs.

Let us see how to download movies from KissAsian using 9xbuddy.

Step 1: Open the KissAsian link downloader, 9xbuddy, on your web browser;

Step 2: Go to the KissAsian website to play the Asian drama you need to download;

Step 3: Move to the Download page and copy the Download link to your chosen video;

Step 4: Go to the 9xbuddy site and paste the copied video Download Link in the URL box. Then, click Download;

KissAsian downloader 9xbuddy

Step 5: Click SETTINGS to change your file name;

Step 6: Choose the desired format, video quality, and file size you wish to download and enjoy offline.

How to Download in KissAsian

The KissAsian site has a massive library of Asian dramas and movies. You can directly stream your chosen shows and other high-quality content online or download it to watch offline. However, you must know that you cannot download directly from KissAsian unless you use the website. Also, the download feature is available only to registered users.

Learn how to download in KissAsian directly and enjoy your favorite videos offline.

Step 1: Log in to the site on your web browser;

Step 2: Find and hit the video you want to download;

Step 3: Choose the Skip captcha server (HX) or Skip captcha server (FE) to solve the captcha;

Step 4: Move to the Server and change the MP to play the drama;

how to download in KissAsian 1

Step 5: Click the Download button or tap CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD;

how to download in KissAsian 2

Step 6: Tap Go to the Download Page to see the file's detailed information. Then tap Download.

How to Download in KissAsian Using Phone

Besides using the KissAsian site on computers, you can also use it on a mobile phone. Instead of using a KissAsian downloader, you can access the KissAsian online site to download your favorite videos, dramas, and movies on your phone and save them to your gallery for anytime playback.

Check out how to download videos from KissAsian using your phone.

Step 1: Open your Chrome web browser and type;

Step 2: Search for the drama you want to download and watch offline;

Step 3: Choose a server;

Step 4: Long press the video and click Download Video > Download.

how to download in KissAsian using phone

How to Record Streaming Videos to Watch Offline

KissAsian is a great site to explore exciting Asian dramas and movies. However, downloading videos on the site is not easy, and you must register to the platform for a hassle-free download. Instead, you can use a more straightforward solution like AWZ Screen Recorder to record your favorite videos and enjoy them at any time. 

how to record streaming video to watch offline

AWZ Screen Recorder lets you record streaming videos in MP4 or any other format of the original quality for offline viewing. It also enables you to edit videos and audio and make annotations on specific frames. You can seek multiple output formats, such as MP4, WMV, MKV, MPEG, etc., to play your recorded file on compatible devices. You can automate the entire process and record the screen without complexities using the scheduled recording mode.

Key Features

  • Record full screen or targeted area in high-quality
  • Trim and compress a video
  • Remove background noise
  • Ad annotations while recording
  • Schedule recording for automated process

Note: When downloading KissAsian videos, you must always follow the service terms of KissAsian downloader websites or platforms. Make sure to access your content legally and ethically, as you may land into legal trouble by downloading copyrighted material without permission.

Final Wrap

KissAsian opens up the world of Asian dramas for avid enthusiasts. You can register on the platform and easily download your favorite drama videos or movies offline to watch anytime and anywhere. You can also use reliable KissAsian downloaders to maximize your entertainment. We have provided the three best suggestions to help you save your favorite KDramas offline. Compare and pick the one you find best. 


Q:Is it safe to download from KissAsian?

KissAsian is an illegal site that lets you download and watch Asian dramas and movies online. However, downloading KissAsian videos may involve copyright issues, so you must confirm that you only downloaded them from legal resources.



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