There's no need to worry if you're experiencing sound issues with your iPhone. This comprehensive guide'll walk you through 11 effective methods to fix the No Sound on iPhone problem. This post by AWZware got you covered whether you're facing issues with calls, notifications, or media playback. Let's dive in.

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Way 1: Check the iPhone Speaker

If the sound is not working on your iPhone, you should check whether the speaker is working.

Go to Settings and click Sounds & Haptics. In the Ringers and Alerts section, drag the slider to the right to boost the volume. If there is a sound, the iPhone speaker works. If not, there may be a hardware issue with your device.

fix no sound on iPhone way 1 by checking the speaker

Way 2: Turn Off the Silent Mode

When you turn the Silent switch on, your iPhone volume will not work. So, make sure that your iPhone is not in silent mode. Move the switch forward so that the orange area isn’t showing. Then, a Silent Mode Off note appears on the screen.

After switching to Ring mode, adjust the volume using the slider in the Control Center.

fix no sound on iPhone way 2 by turning off silent mode

Way 3: Turn Off the Do Not Disturb Mode

Enabling the Do Not Disturb mode can cause the iPhone Sound Not Working issue, as it silences various sounds and alerts. To resolve this, open the Settings app, navigate to Do Not Disturb, and toggle the Do Not Disturb option off.

fix no sound on iPhone way 3 by disabling the Do Not Disturb mode

Way 4: Disable Bluetooth

If your iPhone is connected to another device via Bluetooth, the sound will be transmitted to that device. That may also result in no sound on your iPhone.

In this case, go to the Control Center and tap Bluetooth to turn it off.

fix no sound on iPhone way 4 by disabling bluetooth

Way 5: Update Software

Outdated software and apps can also cause audio issues on iPhones. To fix these, you need to update your software to the latest version.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update and make all updates available on your device. After updating, reboot your iPhone to clear any glitches from memory.

Way 6: Check the Notification Settings

If you're not hearing any sounds from a specific app, the issue may lie in your notification settings. Ensure that you have enabled "Allow Notifications" and "Sounds" for this app. To do that, navigate to Settings > Notifications and select the app with a sound issue. Make sure the "Allow Notifications" and "Sounds" toggles are turned on on the following screen.

fix no sound on iPhone way 6 by changing the notification settings

Way 7: Use Your Headphones

After disconnecting the earphones from the iPhone, the volume slider may not show up, and you may find the volume not working on the iPhone. If this happens, insert your earphones into the headphone jack and quickly pull them out. You may repeat this several times to ensure the smartphone won't get stuck in headphone mode.

Way 8: Resetting All Settings on iPhone

Another way to fix an iPhone without sound is by adjusting the relevant settings.

This operation won't clear stored iPhone content such as music and videos. Hence, there is no need to back up. However, it will remove your preferences settings from General, Privacy, Sounds, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

To reset all settings on your iPhone, access Settings and go to General. Tap Reset and click Reset All Settings. Enter your Apple passcode to initiate the reset process.

Way 9: Restart your iPhone

Rebooting your mobile is one of the simplest ways to solve iPhone sound problems.

Simply hold down the Sleep/Power switch and Home simultaneously. Hold these buttons until the screen turns off and then on again, displaying the Apple logo.

Way 10: Update the iOS Version

Negligence or refusal to update your iOS to the most current version can also cause a 'no sound on iPhone' error. That is because the applications on your phone are incompatible with your iPhone's current iOS.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update and check if your iPhone is in the most current iOS version. If not, click the Download and Install button. To avoid errors, ensure there is no interruption when updating the phone's iOS version.

fix no sound on iPhone way 10 by updating iOS

Way 11: Contact Apple Support

If none of the above methods works, consider a hardware problem. Whatever the issue, you must contact Apple Support or Make a reservation at the Apple Genius Bar to solve your problem.

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Final Words

Having no sound on your iPhone can be frustrating, but several potential solutions address this issue. This article has compiled 11 common fixes that may help resolve the problem. Now, try those solutions based on your situation.



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