It is purely such a pride to watch players representing your country to join the biggest sports event in the world – the World Cup. Although the last tournament has ended, as a fan, you must still want to look back at the exciting moments of those matches again. Hence, here comes the problem: do you know the websites to watch the World Cup 2022 for free online?

In this guide, AWZware has collected and tested the 6 best websites to watch the World Cup 2022 and previous matches online for free. Their pros and cons are listed to help you know better about these sites and pick the optimal one to watch the inspiring games smoothly.

Before exploring the details, let's check out the sites first:

  1. FIFA Plus
  2. FuboTV

  3. Tubi

  4. Telemundo

  5. ITV

  6. SBS on Demand

Best Websites to Watch World Cup 2022 for Free Online

A seamless streaming experience is essential when enjoying an exciting match. Based on this demand, we recommend the following online platforms to watch this profound sports event. Websites that allow you to watch the World Cup in school are included as well.


Website to watch the World Cup 2022 - FIFA Plus

As the international organization that governs football, FIFA Plus must be one of the first and foremost websites to watch the World Cup 2022 for free online. It is a video streaming service from FIFA and provides full replays of past World Cup games across the world. No subscription is required, which means you can watch any of the World Cup matches you like without pay.

It is easy to visit the website via popular web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox or watch the World Cup games via the FIFA Plus app on mobile devices. Each replay is accessible quickly online or you can record them with an additional screen recorder for Windows 11 and Mac to watch it offline.


  • Provide the resolution of 1080p;
  • Watch all matches of the World Cup 2022;
  • Free of charge.


  • Force you to watch the ad before enjoying the match;
  • Don’t support streaming on TV.


Website to watch the World Cup 2022 - FuboTV

FuboTV is a popular American website to watch the World Cup 2022 game online. Its streaming services cover Canada, the US, and Spain, which enables a larger number of people to enjoy the tournament. The platform offers a 7-day free trial for new users and allows you to view the wonderful soccer games for free.


  • Stream all 64 games of the World Cup in 2022;
  • One of the best World Cup websites for schools.


  • You need to pay after the free trial;
  • Most live streams are capped at 720p;
  • A credit card is needed.


Website to watch the World Cup 2022 - Tubi

Tubi is another website to watch the World Cup with all 64 full replays. It is a FOX-owned streaming platform providing TV shows, movies, live TV streams, and more. Tubi hosts large collections covering action, sports, romance, reality, etc. Although it doesn’t allow you to watch a live match, previous events are free to access without a subscription. The website makes it convenient to view and screen record on Windows or Mac to save exciting moments.

Save the World Cup 2022 to Your Computer


  • 4K viewing is available;
  • Website and app are offered to watch matches on a computer or phone;
  • Watch the World Cup 2022 free online.


  • Streaming services only in the US;
  • Commercials will be shown before watching.


Website to watch the World Cup 2022 - Telemundo

Telemundo is an American Spanish-language television offering daily news, sports events, TV shows, and others. You can utilize the website to watch the World Cup 2022 in school for free. The site transmits the replays of the matches in 1080i high definition. This ensures a quality streaming experience when viewing the games. Both its website and app are accessible for past World Cup events and highlights.


  • Have HD streaming quality;
  • Best website for Spanish-speaking groups to watch the games;
  • Easy for students to view matches in school.


  • The user interface is in Spanish;
  • Only the first 12 matches of World Cup 2022 are free to watch.


Website to watch the World Cup 2022 - ITV

ITV is a British public broadcasting television platform. It provides free live-stream coverage of the previous 2022 World Cup game and the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. All the available replays are legally provided and you don’t have to worry about the infringement of copyrights. As the platform is accessible for IP addresses in Britain, people in other countries or regions need to use a VPN to enjoy the live streams.


  • One of the best websites to watch the World Cup 2022 free online;
  • 32 replays of matches at the Qatar World Cup are viewable.


  • The streaming service is limited to Britain;
  • Not all 2022 World Cup relives are offered.

SBS on Demand

Website to watch the World Cup 2022 - SBS on Demand

SBS on Demand is one of the best websites to watch the World Cup 2022 free online at home or at school. It has free coverage of the world’s sports events, including the World Cup, FIFA Women’s World Cup, and Asian Games. You can watch the relive of all 64 matches in the Qatar World Cup in HD resolution. It has strict restrictions on access to its services and IP addresses from other countries are not accepted.


  • 4K quality is offered to enjoy HD live streams;
  • Watch the World Cup 2022 on its website and app.


  • Need a VPN if you are outside Australia;
  • Ads are provided when watching the game.

Bonus Tip: Record World Cup 2022 to Watch It Offline

Though using the recommended websites to watch the World Cup 2022 for free online is easy, the performance of online platforms is severely impacted by network connections. Your Internet might go out at the worst possible time while the match is closing in on a victory. Besides, replays of the World Cup may only be available for a limited period on some television services due to the copyrights.

Then, why don’t you just record it on your computer? By doing so, there is no need to worry about where to watch the World Cup 2022 for free and you can enjoy the game over and over again without lag.

AWZ Screen Recorder is a forward-looking screen recording software that enables you to record the World Cup 2022 game with high quality. It can capture the streamed games from any website and save the recordings to the format you like. The full-screen recording feature allows you to immersively enjoy the match. Multiple formats are available, including MP4, MOV, AVI, etc., and you can adjust the frame rate as you want. A smooth recording experience can be achieved without latency.

Remember to tap the button below to download and install this software on a Windows PC. Read on to see how to record the World Cup 2022 on your computer:

Step 1: Allow the program to access your device audio
Record the World Cup 2022 from any website

Double-click to launch the screen recorder and click on the speaker icon to let it capture audio from your computer. Or press the drop-down arrow below to select the device.

Step 2: Adjust the recording settings
Record the World Cup 2022 from any website 1

Tap the three-line button in the upper right and choose “Settings”. Select the output format and frame rate. Then hit “Apply”.

Step 3: Record the World Cup 2022
Record the World Cup 2022 from any website 2

If you want to record the full screen, just tap “REC” and the program starts recording the whole screen in 3 seconds. To finish it, tap the red button to stop.


We have introduced the six best websites to watch the World Cup 2022 and the previous games for free online. All the recommended platforms have the legal right to stream the replays and most of them offer quality resolution to watch those matches. Hope you can find the optimal one and enjoy the highlights.

Common FAQ about

Q:Where to watch FIFA online?

FIFA provides multiple platforms to watch the World Cup matches online. You can access its streaming services via its official website, YouTube channel, Hulu, Live Soccer TV, etc. Both the FIFA World Cup and Women's World Cup can be viewed.

Q:Can I watch live World Cup online?

Yes, you can watch the live World Cup online. FIFA’s official website allows you to watch past live matches on its digital platforms across the world. In addition to FIFA, Fox Sports, Fubo, and 01Net are also the best websites to watch World Cup games. The next FIFA World Cup will take place in 2026 and it will be live-streamed on Fox and Fox Sports.

Q:Is FIFA TV free?

Yes, FIFA TV is a free platform that enables you to watch past match replays of World Cup tournaments. There is no need to subscribe and you can view the desired full match at any time you like. However, it has banner advertising and asks you to remove any ad block on your computer to watch the World Cup for free.



Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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