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7 Best Google Chrome Screen Recorders in 2023 [Checked]

By Carol | Follow twitter | Updated on June 15, 2023

According to the statistics, Google Chrome has the lion’s share of the internet browser. One of the primary reasons behind this is the provided add-ons and extensions. Therefore, it may pique your interest: Does Google have a screen recorder? Can you screen record in Google Chrome? If yes, then how?

In this post, we’ve covered several best Google Chrome screen recorders. Now follow the lead to know these browser screen recorders.   

Best Google Chrome Screen Recorder

The Comparison Table of These Extensions


No Watermark

Record HD Video

Record with Audio

Edit Videos

Share by Link


(Billed Annually)








Awesome Screenshot















Hippo Video



Notes: The pricing in the table is for starters.

Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder

Screencastify is a well-known screen capture extension used by over 10M people. It allows users to record screens and share them in just seconds. You can capture your desktop, browser tab, and/or webcam with audio using the extension.

Google Chrome Screen Recorder with Audio - Screencastify

Key Features:

  • You can trim videos, add text, and even merge videos from other files. Crop, blur, and zoom videos are all available. Annotate in real time to highlight key points.
  • Easily check who is the viewer, and add interactive questions to make your video more interesting.
Tips: In the free version, you can only store 10 videos and create videos shorter than 30 minutes.

Loom - Screen Recorder & Screen Capture

Loom, used by 6M people, is a great browser screen recorder. You can see it rates 4.7 out of 5 in the Chrome Web Store. With the amazing Google Chrome screen recorder, creating and sharing videos will no longer be a problem. After the recording, you can instantly get a link to share with anyone you like.

Best Screen Recorder Chrome Extension - Loom

Key Features:

  • You’ll get notified when the audience reacts, watches, and comments on your videos.
  • Save videos in the cloud and share them freely through a link.
  • Record Chrome’s screen without paying.
  • Record videos of high quality.

Just to remind you, new/unpaid users of Loom can only record the screen for up to 5 minutes.

Awesome ChatGPT Screenshot & Screen Recorder

Do you want to save your complete dialog with ChatGPT? Use Awesome Screenshot! It can record the screen, your voice, and your face in the meantime. After recording, you can save videos locally and in the cloud. With its “awesome” features, you can say that it is one of the best screen recorder Chrome extensions.

Free Chrome Screen Capture– Awesome Screenshot

Key Features:

  • You can record the current tab or the browser.
  • Save videos in different dimensions, such as 720p, 1080p, and 4K.
  • Add annotations while and after recording.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

If you are searching for a screen recorder with an editor, you should not miss Nimbus. It is also one of the best screen recorder extensions for Chrome. With this recorder, you are able to record web tabs with audio. Meanwhile, it provides you with powerful editing tools. 

Best Screen Recorder Extension for Chrome - Nimbus

Key Features:

  • Capture the whole screen or part of it.
  • It enables you to convert videos to GIFs and MP4s.
  • Design a watermark in your own style to prevent others from stealing your work.
  • Customize the screen resolution and frame rate.

Vimeo Record - Screen & Webcam Recorder

Vimeo, a Google Chrome screen recorder, helps people give feedback and demonstrate a product. You can choose to record a full web tab or just a part of it. And of course, recording sound and face are available. As soon as your recording is finished, you can share it with anyone you like through a private link. Every recorded video will be uploaded to Vimeo, which will save your storage.

Excellent Browser Screen Recorder - Vimeo

Key Features:

  • Secure properties for your team. If someone accesses those recordings through private links, you’ll be notified.
  • Analyze your audience and check who views your video and who leaves a comment.
  • Free and unlimited access to your recordings.

Vidyard - Webcam & Screen Recorder for Sales

If you want to make a little difference by selling products online, then Vidyard is a great choice for you. It can record both the screen and webcam in high quality. Drawing and highlighting key points in pages to make it clear to customers.

Popular Screen Capture Extension on Chrome - Vidyard

Key Features:

  • Instantly sharing your videos. You can share recordings everywhere through a link in e-mails, on social media, or in whatever way you like.
  • Viewers analysis provided. It will notify you as long as people view your work. You can also manage viewers’ engagement to know who watched your videos and how long they watched.
  • Quantify the video’s pipeline, revenue, and ROI and give you inspiration for the next video.

Hippo Video: Video and Screen Recorder

Hippo Video is an easy-to-use Chrome screen capture extension added by over 100K users on Chrome. It is kind of familiar to Vidyard, they are both suitable for the marketing and sales teams. As a screen recorder, it offers users instant recording, editing, and sharing. It provides users with two ways to edit. Simple but fast for beginners, powerful and pro for professional people.

Free Google Chrome Screen Recorder – Hippo Video

Key Features:

  • Blur part of the screen to secure confidential information.
  • Engagement reports. Get to know how long people watched, and their reactions.
  • Create a working team. You can create a team and invite your colleagues. Sharing visual presentations and inspirations without hassle.

Bonus Tip: Best Screen Recorder to Record Screen and Audio[Easy to Use]

AWZ Screen Recorder is a handy tool with many attractive features. Designed by a professional team, it aims to help you capture screens more efficiently. It allows you to grab screens in just one click, and share your work instantly.

The Best Screen Recorder - AWZ Screen Recorder

Key Features:

  • All-in-one. You can record screens, and audio, and take screenshots in an app. Capture screen, webcam, and audio altogether and separately.
  • Easy-to-use. Capture anything in a click.
  • Annotating when recording. There are many kinds of tools for you to highlight key points.

The Summary

This page has shown you 7 Google Chrome screen recorders (with audio). They have features in common, such as recording HD videos, recording with audio, sharing videos via links, and so on. Loom, Awesome Screenshot, Vidyard, and Hippo Video are free to use, but you can pay for more functions. You can pick a browser screen recorder you like. If you prefer a screen recorder that is feature-rich yet simple to use, try AWZ Screen Recorder!

Carol is a writer who has 3 years in providing solutions to location changers and screen recorders. Her blogs are easy to understand and rich in text, you can always find the best answer to your question.

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