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Download Music From YouTube on Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

By Monica | Follow twitter | Updated on May 30, 2024
While YouTube is mainly a streaming service, it has become a popular place for music lovers. Many artists share their music on YouTube, and countless channels are dedicated to different genres. To address this, YouTube introduced YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, which offer uninterrupted playback even when your phone is locked. Official music downloads require a YouTube Music or YouTube Premium subscription. This guide will cover how to download music from YouTube for offline enjoyment.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

YouTube's Terms of Service clearly state that downloading audio is generally prohibited unless explicitly allowed by the platform or with prior permission. Subscribers to YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium can legally download ad-free songs and playlists via the YouTube Music app. However, YouTube does offer royalty-free and Creative Commons-licensed music that can be downloaded legally. Moreover, accessing previously uploaded music can be done without violating any rules. To ensure compliance with copyright regulations, refrain from using downloaded YouTube music for profit or commercial use. Below, we outline four methods for downloading music from YouTube on various devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, while staying within legal boundaries.

Download Music from YouTube on Windows

AWZ Screen Recorder provides a complete solution for Windows users who aim to download audio from YouTube. Compatible with various Windows systems, including Windows 11 and 7, it ensures broad accessibility. The tool provides multiple recording modes, including Full-Screen, Auto-Region selection, Custom recording, Annotation tools, Scheduled recording, and Basic video editing, enabling high-quality YouTube music capture without loss. Additionally, it supports recording internal audio in nine popular formats, including MP3 and WAV.

AWZ Screen Recorder
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  • Capture gameplay moments in stunning 4K HD with crystal-clear clarity using AWZ Screen Recorder.
  • Schedule screen recording tasks effortlessly, never miss a live stream again. Save streams in various formats like MP4, WMV, and MOV.
  • Take detailed screenshots and add annotations for effective communication with AWZ Screen Recorder.
  • Record webcam with audio for online courses or conferences. Blur the background or use virtual images for privacy.
  • Record pure audio or screen/webcam with audio for narrators and voiceover artists. Use noise reduction for enhanced quality
  • Easily take and save screenshots in any format with AWZ Screen Recorder's annotation toolbar.
  • Facilitate effortless audio recording at various preferences, from 48000 Hz and 320 Kbps to 8000 Hz and 64 Kbps.
  • Refine audio recordings with a built-in editor and denoiser post-recording.

How to Download Music From YouTube on Windows Using AWZ Screen Recorder

Step 1: Installation of AWZ Screen Recorder for Windows

Begin by downloading and installing AWZ Screen Recorder directly from its official website. Alternatively, click the download button below:

Step 2: Recording System Audio

Navigate to the hamburger button and select "Settings." From there, opt for "Audio" in the left pane. Choose your desired output format, sample rate, and bitrate. Return to the AWZ Screen Recorder homepage and select "Record Audio" mode. Ensure that System Sound is enabled while disabling the Microphone. Proceed to play the desired YouTube video and verify that the audio is detected within AWZ Screen Recorder. Once confirmed, initiate recording by pressing the red REC button.

Record Audio from YouTube on Windows

Step 3: Stop Recording & Edit The Audio

Conclude the recording process by clicking the red square icon or pressing F9 on your keyboard. Access your recordings easily within the Recording List under the Audio section. Utilize the tools provided in Quick Tools to edit your audio files, including an audio editor and denoiser, for seamless modifications free of charge.

Edit Audio in AWZ Screen Recorder

Download Music from YouTube on Mac

AWZ Screen Recorder is also a versatile recording software tailored for Mac users, boasting support for MP3 format recording. With its robust capabilities, users can effortlessly capture system sound, microphone input, or both concurrently, all saved in MP3 format. Post-recording, its integrated tools facilitate seamless editing tasks such as cropping, file compression, and background noise reduction. Additionally, users can record in other popular formats like WAV and FLAC. Beyond audio recording, AWZ Mac Screen Recorder offers a suite of features encompassing screen capturing, scheduled recording, annotation tools, and video/audio editing functionalities, making it the ultimate tool for professionals and amateurs alike.

How To Download Music From YouTube on Mac Using AWZ Screen Recorder

Step 1: Installation

Download and install AWZ Screen Recorder from the App Store on your MacBook. Alternatively, use the download button below to access the app page directly.

 Free Download AWZ Mac Screen Recorder

Step 2: Setup

Launch the software and navigate to Settings. Ensure the audio output format is set to MP3.

Step 3: Select Mode and Source

Return to the homepage, choose the Record Audio mode, and select the desired recording source.

Step 4: Start Recording

Initiate recording by tapping the red REC button.

Record Audio from YouTube on Mac

Step 5: Stop and Save

Conclude recording by clicking the red stop recording button or pressing F12 on your keyboard.

Download Music from YouTube on iOS

While YouTube offers a vast library of songs, downloading music to your iPhone for offline listening without a YouTube Premium subscription might seem challenging. Fortunately, there's a solution. Using an online YouTube to MP3 downloader, you can convert and download YouTube MP3 to your iPhone in standard MP3 format, free from DRM restrictions. YTMP3, a web-based YouTube to MP3 converter, allows you to save your preferred tracks as individual MP3 files for offline listening on your iPhone. This convenient tool works seamlessly across various devices without additional software or apps. Adhere to the provided guidelines to acquire YouTube music for your iPhone, ensuring adherence to copyright laws while relishing your preferred melodies offline.

How to Download Music From YouTube on iOS Using YTMP3

Step 1: Find the YouTube Music

Open up your browser and head to the YouTube platform. Locate and play the video containing the music you wish to download.

Step 2: Copy the Video URL

After the video you want to download starts playing, grab its URL from the browser's address bar at the top of the window.

Step 3: Paste the URL into YTMP3 Downloader

Access a new tab and navigate to the YTMP3 website. Paste the copied YouTube video URL into the search bar provided on the site.

Download YouTube Music Online on iOS

Step 4: Convert and Download to MP3

On the YTMP3 website, select the MP3 option and initiate the conversion process by clicking the Convert button. After the conversion finishes, you'll notice a Download option. Simply click on it to store the YouTube MP3 file on your device.

Download Music from YouTube on Android

Experience the convenience of downloading music from YouTube and multiple other social media platforms effortlessly with the VidMate app. While it's not available on the Google Play Store, this Android-compatible application boasts a rapid download speed of 15 MB/sec and beyond, supporting downloads of up to 4K quality. Its standout feature is the built-in search engine, simplifying the process of finding YouTube tracks.

How to Download Music From YouTube on Android Using VidMate

Step 1: Installing VidMate

Getting started is a breeze. Simply visit the official VidMate website and download the application.

Step 2: Finding and Downloading Music

Once VidMate is installed, open the application and navigate to the YouTube section. Here, you can either search for a specific song or paste the URL of a YouTube music video. The interface allows you to refine your search and filter results according to your preferences. Once you've found the desired music, tap the download arrow icon to initiate the download process.

Step 3: Choosing Download Options

After selecting the download option, a popup offers various download choices. Under the Music tab, you can choose between formats such as M4A or MP3 and select the quality that suits your preferences. Once you've made your selections, proceed to the next step.

Save Music from YouTube on Android with VidMate

Step 4: Saving the Music

To store the music on your device, just hit the download icon located at the bottom of the screen. This action will kickstart the download procedure. Access your downloaded tunes either by tapping the download arrow icon on the main screen or by heading to your profile page within the app.


Today, we have discussed the different ways to download YouTube music. Converting videos to MP3 format enables offline listening without video or ad interruptions. Yet, it's crucial to respect YouTube's Terms of Service, as downloading copyrighted content without permission is prohibited. Google actively addresses "stream rippers" designed to extract and save YouTube music. Among the methods highlighted, AWZ Screen Recorder shines with its exceptional versatility and seamless functionality. Not only does it capture YouTube audio flawlessly, but it also excels in recording 2D/3D games on your computer.

Monica has accumulated more than three years of experience in writing tech products. Now she works as an English columnist for this website. With her extensive experience, Monica has offered many helpful and feasible recommendations.

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