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How to Record a Teams Meeting in 4 Easy Methods [2023 Latest]

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on July 17, 2023
Microsoft Teams lets you have meetings with your colleagues from different places easily. When you hold or join a Microsoft Teams meeting with remote co-workers, recording the meeting might be needed. To record a Teams meeting is to record what you are seeing, speaking and hearing on Teams. By doing so, you can play the recording for future review, check what you have missed in the meeting and share what’s discussed with others.

If you are not familiar with Microsoft Teams or screen recording, you may be struggling with how to record a Teams meeting. Or, you know the common way to record on Teams but failed to do that finally. This post covers the 4 best methods to solve the problems you probably have run into and help record your Teams meeting without a hassle. One of the best recorders is from AWZware.

What to Know about Recording a Teams Meeting

When it comes to how to record a Teams meeting, you should be aware that the Teams app itself has a built-in recorder. However, you won't be able to record successfully every time. The recording feature is available to those who have permission.

Who can record a Teams meeting

  • Meeting organizers, co-organizers and individuals from the same organization, or presenters.
  • Users having one of the licenses: M365 Business, Business Premium, Business Essentials, Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, E5, F3, A1, A3, or A5.
  • Non-anonymous users.
  • User with a license provided by IT admin to be able to record a Teams meeting (Teams license for recording and Stream license for recording download).

So, not all participants in a Teams meeting can record the meeting. Guests or external users can’t record. You should be also noted that only one meeting participant can record at a time. Since you may have or don’t have permission to record a meeting in Teams, this post shows you different methods to work with. Now dive into how to record a Teams meeting with third-party screen recorders and the built-in recorder in Teams.

How to Record a Teams Meeting with AWZ Screen Recorder

If you wish to record a Teams meeting secretly, you'll need the help of AWZ Screen Recorder to work through that. This is a lightweight but powerful screen recorder available to record anything on Teams. You can record Teams meeting audio only, record a video with audio and other activities. The software allows you to capture the full screen, a selected screen area, or a fixed app window.

Read the next steps to learn how to record a Teams meeting.

Step 1: Get AWZ Screen Recorder for free and launch it on a desktop PC or laptop;

Step 2: Enable the system audio and microphone to record the speakers’ voices;

How to record Teams meeting with AWZ Screen Recorder

Step 3: Enter into or start the Teams meeting you need to record, and press F12 to start recording;

Step 4: To stop the recording, press F12 again.

With AWZ Screen Recorder, you can record a Teams meeting as a guest without showing the recording to participants, even if you are not the host. The recorded video will be saved to your device and the recorder automatically. You can play the meeting video offline any time or share it where you like. Better yet, when you record any Teams meeting, multiple output video formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI, and MOV are optional. 


  • Record a Teams meeting, zoom meeting and all the online meetings as high-quality videos with sound.
  • Record webcam, audio and screen at the same time so you can create your video tutorials and presentations.
  • Record gameplay on PCs.

How to Record a Teams Meeting with OBS Studio

If you are querying how to record a Teams meeting on a Mac or other computers, one of the solutions comes down to OBS Studio. This is a cross-platform, free and open-source screen-casting and streaming software. It enables you to record a Microsoft Teams meeting outside of Teams as a guest. You can change the default output video format and resolution if needed.

Here is a guide on how to record a Teams meeting with the screen recording app.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Teams and make it ready for you to record a meeting;

Step 2: Click Settings in the recorder app to set up the output options;

Step 3: Tap the plus icon under Sources, choose Window Capture, and choose the Teams window for recording;

Step 4: Join or start a meeting, and hit Start Recording to record the meeting on Teams;

Step 5: Click Stop Recording, and view the recorded video in the specified location.

How to record Teams meeting with OBS Studio

OBS Studio provides an effective way to record a Teams meeting, and it’s particularly suitable for experienced users. You should get acquainted with the interface and features to use the app.

How to Record Teams Meeting with Inbuilt Recorder on Mobile

When it comes to how to record a Teams meeting, you may at times want to record on your mobile phone. After all, it’s common to attend a meeting on the go today. While Microsoft Teams allows you to record meetings without other applications, you may not be among those who can record. Thankfully, there is an inbuilt screen recorder to record an MS Teams meeting without permission on iPhone or Android.

Check how to record a Teams meeting on a phone.

Step 1: Open the Teams app on your phone, and get into the meeting you will record;

Step 2: Swipe down from the top right corner of your screen, and click the recording icon to record on the Teams meeting;

Step 3: When it’s finished, tap the red stop button. The recorded video is saved to Photos on iPhone or Gallery on Android.

How to record Teams meeting with inbuilt recorder on mobile

Tips: To record a Teams meeting with audio, long press the recording button and turn on the microphone, then follow the above steps to record. The native screen recorder is helpful for recording a TikTok video when required.

Record a Teams Meeting Using Microsoft Teams Built-in Feature

You can use Microsoft Teams to record meetings directly if having permission. The Teams app will record just the meeting, not other parts of your screen. Like the aforementioned screen recorders, it allows you to screen record a Teams meeting with audio included. The recordings are viewable by other attendees. The methods for using MS Teams’ built-in recording feature are almost the same on PCs and phones.

To record a Teams meeting, follow the below steps.

Step 1: When you are in a meeting, click the More actions (three dots) icon in the controls bar;

Step 2: Choose Start recording in the pop-up menu and MS Teams starts to record the meeting immediately;

How to record Teams meeting using Microsoft Teams built-in feature

Step 3: Hit the three dots again and choose Stop recording, then the recording will be saved.

Note: When you record a Teams meeting using the Teams’ built-in feature, all participants will be notified according to the privacy policy. If you don’t want this, go with a dedicated screen recorder tool like AWZ Screen Recorder.

Once you’ve recorded a meeting in Microsoft Teams, the recording will be stored on SharePoint, OneDrive or the meeting chat or channel conversation. The location to find the recording depends on the meeting type.


There are ways to record a Teams meeting using or without using Microsoft Teams. If you desire to record without others knowing, a third-party screen capturing application is necessary. With AWZ Screen Recorder, you will know how simple recording Teams meetings can be. You can record as any participant such as a guest and select just a certain part of the meeting window to record.


Why can't I record a Teams meeting?

There are several reasons why you are unable to or can’t record Teams meetings according to the above “Who can record a Teams meeting” content:

  • You are guests or federated users that are not allowed to record meetings or calls.
  • You don’t have the essential license the IT admin should give you.

How do I auto record Teams meetings?

Microsoft Teams can record a Teams meeting automatically when the meeting starts. Here is how to set the auto recording:

Step 1: Go to Teams Calendar to create your scheduled meeting and send the meeting invite;

Step 2: Click into the meeting from Calendar and click Meeting options on the upper side;

Step 3: Toggle the Record automatically option to turn on the mode.

How to record on Teams without a meeting?

Sometimes you may need to record a video presentation or training video in Teams without attending a real meeting. Just follow the same way to record a Teams meeting introduced above. The recorded video is saved to the meeting chat and can be shared with your team.

Another best method to record a meeting with no other attendees but only yourself is to get AWZ Screen Recorder. It allows you to record screens in Teams even without starting a meeting. Whatever happens on your screen can be recorded with the professional screen recording app.

Why Teams' recording meeting button greyed out?

The main possible cause for the greyed out “Start recording” is you don’t have permission to record. You can go to “Teams Admin Center” to check “Allow Cloud recording", and request permission to record a Teams meeting.

Charlotte has been in the software industry for 8+ years. She works for AWZWARE now as a passionate writer. She is good at providing simple guides to use various video, office and entertainment software. Charlotte also recommends many other useful tools to make your work and life easier. A food lover too.

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