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How to Record Webex Meetings With/Without Permission | 3 Ways

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on January 26, 2024
Webex is another widely used program for video meetings. To playback an online meeting, you may need to learn how to record Webex meetings as a host. On the other hand, a participant cannot use the Webex recording tool without permission. How can you deal with that?

In this post, AWZware does a quick write-up on how to record on Webex as a host or participant. You can learn to record Webex meetings on its desktop or web app. Additionally, a tutorial for recording a meeting on Webex without permission is available.

How to Record Webex Meetings with Permission

The video conferencing platform has an innate Webex screen recorder to document a meeting. It works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android to meet the needs of different OS users. It removes the hassle of installing a third-party app and allows you to record on Webex directly. However, before using Webex to record meetings, there are a few things you need to know about Webex recording requirements:

What you need to know before recording on Webex:

❗The recording button is exclusive to the host or the co-host;

❗Only paid users can use the Webex recording tool on the web app;

❗Free accounts are limited to 40 minutes of meeting time when joining it through a browser.

Record Webex Meetings with the Desktop App

Free accounts can record in the Webex desktop app for free and the generated video is in MP4 format by default. You can choose the output path and enjoy a stable recording experience without lagging. An additional video cutter for PC is needed if you need to cut out unwanted clips. Learn how to record Webex meetings as a host or with permission on the desktop app:

Step 1: Launch the video conference application and start or join a Webex meeting;

Step 2: Click on the Record option at the bottom and choose where to save the Webex meeting. Hit Save;
How to record Webex meetings as a host

Webex records the meeting immediately. To stop or pause recording, hover the mouse on the record button and select the desired option.

Record Webex Meetings with a Web Browser

A Webex meeting can be opened on a web browser, enabling you to join an online conversation whenever you are. Even when handling an impromptu meeting, you can quickly access it on a mobile device through a web browser. However, the web app doesn’t support end-to-end encryption to protect a meeting.

Find out how to record Webex meetings in its web app:

Step 1: Head to the and tap sign in to log into your account;

Step 2: Click on your profile and choose Go to your Webex Meeting site;

Step 3: Hit Start or Join next to Calendar to attend the meeting. Press Join from your browser;
How to record Webex meetings as a host

Step 4: Go over to Record and select the output path;

Step 5: Tap Record above the Recording options tab to start recording in Webex.
How to record Webex meetings as a host

Cisco puts a lot of restrictions on users when it comes to the Webex recording feature. It is troublesome to record an online meeting as a participant. If you find it hard to ask for recording permission from the host, you can try to save the Webex meeting with other recording tools like AWZ Screen Recorder.

How to Record Webex Meetings without Permission

To record a Webex meeting without permission, affordability and the maximum recording duration are the two major factors for highlight playback. AWZ Screen Recorder is a screen-capturing tool designed for facilitating video and gameplay recording. It has no recording limits, which allows users to record Webex meetings with audio for hours effortlessly.

The cost-effective software captures both internal and external audio, enabling you to record a speaker and microphone together or separately. When using a webinar to participate in a video meeting, AWZ Screen Recorder can record your face and hide the background with its green screen tool. Additionally, as a standalone program, it is one of the ideal options for recording meetings on Zoom or Webex as a participant.

For Win:

For Mac:

Go over on how to record Webex meetings without permission on Windows or Mac:

Step 1: Decide the recording area

How to record Webex meetings without permission

The Webex screen recorder captures an online meeting with full screen by default. If you only want to record part of the screen, click on the region-selecting icon and draw a rectangle to select the region manually.

Tips: If you are worried about missing the meeting, go to “Scheduled Recording” and create a recording task to let it save a Webex meeting automatically.

Step 2: Capture audio from the meeting

How to record Webex meetings without permission

Tap “System Sound” to accept sound from your computer as the source of audio. Hit “Test” under the speaker button and click “Test” to ensure the software captures the voice properly.

Step 3: Record on Webex as a participant

Hit the “REC” option to record the Webex meeting with audio on your Windows or Mac. If you need to highlight the information, choose “Annotation” from the mini toolbar to select the annotating tools.

Bottom Line

We present a comprehensive guide on how to record Webex meetings with or without permission. Users who do not know the proper steps can follow the tutorial to record and playback important meetings to review the essential points and information.

However, only the host and co-host can record a Webex meeting. A third-party Webex screen recorder like AWZ Screen Recorder is needed to capture Webex meetings as a participant. It is the top-horse for budget-minded users and records long videos without limits.

Common FAQ about

Q:Does Webex recording record your screen?

Yes, the built-in Webex screen recorder can record your screen. It offers different layouts after hitting the Record button. Stage view, focus view, and grid view options are available to choose from when you enable the webinar or share a screen with others.

Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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