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How to Reduce Background Noise on Mic for Win 10/11 or Mac (5 Tips)

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on April 9, 2024
If you are searching for microphone background noise canceling tips, this article by AWZware has the answers. We demonstrate how to reduce background noise on a mic for Windows and macOS systems.

There are various solutions to stop your microphone from picking up background noise when recording or doing live streaming. Whether it is caused by the weather, the air conditioner, or the device you use, there are easy tips to tackle the issue based on your budget.

Tip 1: Use a Noise Reduction Tool (Best for Recording)

Capitalizing on a proficient noise suppression tool can be the most cost-effective method of getting rid of background noise on your mic. This kind of tool can efficiently filter out unwanted noise and does not require your device.

AWZ Screen Recorder is a versatile screen-capturing program packed with an advanced mic background noise reduction tool. While recording, the feature can detect noise such as chatter, hum, and electrical noise and automatically apply filters to put noise suppression on the mic. This program removes the trouble of installing a plug-in and requires no learning curve.

For Win:

For Mac:

Working with Windows and Mac, AWZ Screen Recorder is the best choice for content creators to make noise-free videos or audio in a few clicks. Whether using a headset mic or a standalone one, it can finish the job.

➡ Follow the guide on how to reduce background noise on a microphone for Windows 10, 11, and macOS while recording:

Step 1: Let the software receive audio from your mic

Double-click AWZ Screen Recorder to run the program on your computer. Tap the button under “Microphone” to allow it to accept audio sources from your microphone.

How to reduce background noise on a mic with a noise reduction tool

Tips: If you want to switch the device you use, click on the drop-down arrow and choose the one you like from the list.

Step 2: Enable the noise reducer

Hit the drop-down icon and select “Noise Reduction” to put the noise suppression ability on your mic.

How to reduce background noise on a mic with a noise reduction tool

Step 3: Record without background noise

Press the REC option on the right to start recording with a full screen. The tool will remove background noise from your mic when you are talking on it.

Record Video/Audio Without Background Noise
  • Strong microphone noise suppression software;
  • Easy to edit recordings within the application;
  • Quick to share or upload your works to YouTube or Vimeo.
Free Download
Windows 11/10/8.1/7/XP

Tip 2: Prepare a Soundproof Room

One of the most common sources of microphone background noise is from your surroundings. Noises caused by traffic, bad weather, and car horns blaring contribute to poor audio quality. Simple noise suppression for your mic is not enough when talking or recording. Finding a quiet place is a good idea but is not a lasting fix.

How to reduce background noise on a mic with a soundproof room

If you live on a busy street, using some materials like blankets to create a soundproof room might be an optimal choice. This prevents your microphone from picking up background noise outside your window. Whether you are using a Windows-based computer or a Macbook, it can perfectly reduce ambient noise. However, it can be time-consuming to make sure you can remove background noise from a video or audio while recording.

Tip 3: Buy a Noise-cancelling Microphone

Another way to reduce background noise on your mic is by buying a noise-canceling microphone. This kind of mic is equipped with powerful technology to identify and distinguish unwanted sounds from the environment. Then, the audio processor helps you effortlessly get rid of background noise from the microphone.

How to reduce background noise on a mic with a noise-canceling mi

This method is best for removing electronic and ambient noises, resulting in better audio quality and clear recordings. It is best for users who have a higher budget.

Tip 4: Use a Pop Filter

Compared to purchasing a microphone with a noise suppression feature, using a pop filter is a more cost-effective way to realize mic background noise reduction. It is a pop shield positioned in front of a standalone microphone to remove popping sounds. After connecting your microphone to your computer, the pop shield can soon cancel background noise from your microphone using Windows 10, 11, or other systems.

How to reduce background noise on a mic with a pop filter

A pop filter is inexpensive and doesn’t require any learning curve, making it the top seed for vocalists or podcasters to record high-quality audio files. If you consider reducing background noise on the headset mic, this is not on your list.

Tip 5: Rely on a Denoiser (After Recording)

Users who have a recorded file with background noise can use AWZ Screen Recorder’s denoiser to remove background noise from the mic. The feature is designed to edit a recorded video, allowing users to improve the sound quality without an expensive microphone or pop filter.

Additionally, the other video editing capabilities can trim or compress a video to reduce the file size. You can polish your recording further with one program.

➡ Check out how to reduce background noise on a mic on Windows 10 or 11 after recording:

Step 1: Upload your recording

Open AWZ Screen Recorder and go to “Quick Tools”. Choose “Denoiser” to activate the mic background noise reduction software. Drag and drop your audio or video file to the workspace.

How to reduce background noise on a mic with a denoiser

Step 2: Reduce microphone background noise

Rename the file if necessary and customize the output path. Hit “Denoise” to get rid of background noise on the mic from the recording.

How to reduce background noise on a mic with a denoiser


Background noise from a mic can lead to poor recordings or have a negative impact when doing live streaming. We have summarized five solutions to help you learn how to reduce background noise on a mic. Hope you can easily enhance the clarity of your sound for your audio content.

If you are a content creator, AWZ Screen Recorder is recommended as the candidate to capture clear sound while you’re talking on the headset or standalone microphone.

Common FAQ about

Q:Why is there so much background noise on my mic?

Several situations might result in background noise on your microphone. Read the list below to check whether you have the same:

  • You are in a noisy environment;
  • You are using a condenser mic, which is extremely sensitive to background noise;
  • Your mic has no background noise reduction feature;
  • Your microphone placement is not right.

Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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